Residential properties in Berlin-Pankow Classy, modern, familiar and safe

Classy, modern, familiar and safe
Project with 19 Units
from 243.400,00 EUR
Area: 62,97 - 162,92 m²
Rooms: 2,0 - 3,0
Units: 0


Congratulations, lucky you. In this location, surrounded by milieu protection areas, there are hardly any attractive condominiums left. The apartments we offer free of commission in Binzstrasse in the district of Pankow in Berlin are an excellent opportunity to start or expand your personal investment portfolio. In a very well-kept apartment building from the first decade of the 20th century, we are offering valuable rented apartments in the front building and the detached garden house, in a classic environment. The apartments are varied in terms of interior design, but are consistently attractive. The two- and three-room apartments with living spaces of about 63 to 97 square meters are mostly equipped with loggia or a balcony. The cut is classic, practical and light. As typical in these years of construction, the rooms come off the corridor. This ensures that bathrooms have daylight and that the kitchens, even in the smaller units, offer space for a small table or dining area. The former tenement house in Pankow has always been well maintained, this applies to the common property and the apartments. In the course of the division various works on the house were carried out. Among other things, the electrical and supply lines were renewed, the windows and radiators were replaced or reworked. There is an elevator for the front building. This property offers you what you need as an investor: security for your investment, options for your own future use within the framework of legal requirements, a prosperous environment and outstanding development potential. Give us a call - we look forward to hearing from you.


Floor Rooms Area Status Price Availability Expose
Ground floor 2,0 67,10 m² rented - sold 6242
Ground floor 2,0 71,47 m² rented - sold 6241
Ground floor 2,0 71,47 m² rented - sold 6240
Ground floor 3,0 98,27 m² rented - sold 6235
1 2,0 66,58 m² vacant - sold 6614
1 2,0 65,34 m² rented - sold 6244
1 2,0 65,97 m² rented - sold 6243
1 2,0 67,17 m² rented - sold 6237
1 2,0 67,41 m² rented - sold 6236
2 2,0 68,41 m² vacant - sold 6615
2 2,0 62,97 m² vacant - sold 6612
2 2,0 70,69 m² vacant - sold 6611
2 2,0 67,52 m² rented - sold 6246
2 2,0 68,34 m² rented - sold 6245
2 2,0 69,39 m² rented - sold 6238
3 3,0 146,21 m² vacant - sold 6616
3 3,0 162,92 m² vacant - sold 6613
3 2,0 68,51 m² rented - sold 6247
3 2,0 62,98 m² rented - sold 6239


Located in the northeast of Berlin, Pankow borders on four Berlin districts and is also the city's border with neighbouring Brandenburg. In GDR times, Pankow was considered privileged. Today it is a preferred residential area. The district is also finding more and more friends in the old western part of Berlin. This is no doubt also due to the fact that Pankow has modernized itself. The representative former Schultheiss malthouse from 1874 was turned into lofts. Apartments also settled in the old Garbáty cigarette factory. Today Pankow is more ecological than Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg or Friedrichshain, which is one of the reasons for the popularity of the quarters with young families.

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