Digitisation: Locate, connect, sell

We convert analogue values into digital information. We connect your real estate activities with the digital world. 

Digitize here

Analogue? Digital? Both!

We are your bridge to the future of real estate marketing. We make sure that your property is found, loved and bought.

  • Relevant channels
    Activating Online Channels
  • Relevant concepts
    Designing for the target group
  • PC, Tablet or Smartphone
    Reaching customers anytime and anywhere.
  • Data driven and experienced
    Reduce project costs
Peter Guthmann

Since 1995 we have been the benchmark in Berlin for digital communication. I wrote one of the first scientific papers about Internet communication. I launched the first German news website of a radio station. I did the first SEO-driven real estate site in Berlin. For me, digitization is more than just a marketing term.

M.A. Peter Guthmann. Managing Director

What can we do for you?

We do much more than just digitize your values. We translate between the worlds.

Defining locations

Environment and market analysis. Migrations, households and people

Product configuration

The appropriate customizing. Cost-benefit analysis, sampling.

Marketing stimuli

Target group definition, market placement, project identity, touchpoint planning

Data visualization

Micro location specific data

Digital lead generation

Performance Marketing, Social Media, A-B-Testing, Retargeting

Online Reports

Requests, viewings, reservations, sales status: everything in real time

Berlin Property Experts at your service

Full identification

Working for you, we don't just want to sell your product. We identify ourselves with your project. We know the building site down to the last detail. There are not many questions that we cannot answer to our customers. That builds trust. We are the interface between you, the market and the customer.

Digitization in the entire process

More contacts. More leads. More clients.

Digital transformation must be understood, experienced and actively practiced. A project website not only needs to have a good design, it also needs to work. Whether AdWords, Facebook or LinkedIn, we use performance marketing to reach the target groups relevant to your project and transform leads into prospects and then into buyers. By means of highly professional search engine optimization your product will be found. We activate social channels with relevant content.


What can we get for you?

Against the background of our experience with our own projects and many marketing activities, we can be a valuable source of inspiration. In all phases of the project, you benefit from our holistic and data-driven approach. With our research know-how, we create a precise target group profile. With our experience as property developers we identify cost drivers. We provide innovation and impulses for your project. Data-driven, interdisciplinary, experienced.

You take care of your business. So do we.

We work as if we belonged to your team. We want to reduce your workload and not make any. We know the processes at project companies and property developers, because we have planned, tendered, built, marketed and sold by ourselves. Your construction site is ours. Our buyer is yours.

Customer satisfaction does not come by itself. We have to earn it.

Since 2006 much more than just brokers. Data-driven, informative, consultative, transparent and successful. On behalf of our customers.

Professional contact

Christian M., Stockholm

We are very gratefull to them and would definitely recommend them to anybody dealing with real estate in Berlin

GBR KlausenerPlatz Gherardo Barbini

It was a pleasure working with Phil.

Mr. Werner W., Südafrika

I recommend the company without reservation.

Thomas S., Berlin

Lovely experience with the Guthmann & Guthmann

Mr. Dr. F. I., Neapel, Italien

His service, English, knowledge and professionalism are all first class

Robert M. & Adriana P. M., USA

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