The real value of your Berlin property

When we assess the value of a property, we don't just rely on over approximately 2 million records in our database. We put our experience to work for you in terms of location, potential and political restrictions. With us you will receive a resilient assessment with recommendations for further measures.

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We do not make a quick valuation of your property to get the sale order. We handle your property, documents, location and development. We put ourselves in the position of seller and buyer. We develop the best marketing strategy for you. We will get everything out for you.

Phil Gries, Head of Sales

Experience and data

The value of your Berlin property depends on a number of factors. We compile all the components for you until we can provide you with a resilient result.

Price data

We keep an eye on the terms on which comparable properties are offered and how long they have been on the market. We recommend the perfect time for a sale.

Rent data

At which rent is your real estate rented? What would the rent look like in case of a later new rental? What would the next owner have to invest for a lease?

Inspection and documentation

If we can, we will take a look at your property on site. We take into consideration the condition of individual property and common property.

Committed to you

Every apartment, no matter where, no matter how small or large, is treated individually and with the greatest esteem. Every client is important to us.

Are you in a hurry?

Then take a look at our market report in advance. In no time at all you will get an impression of the value we could market your property for you. 

Work out strengths

What are the strengths of your property? How is the situation developing? What could be done to improve the value? 

Top performance for your properties

Our market report serves as a first orientation. You can see the current market situation at a glance. But only with a marketing strategy individually tailored to your property you can exploit the full potential of your property. If you entrust us with the marketing of your Berlin property, you will benefit from extensive services. As a property seller, you can be confident that your property will reach the right target groups and achieve the best possible result.

FAQ to our services

What can we do for you as real estate agents?

With our estimations you do not only receive a precise price proposal. You will also be able to identify general price developments and the price corridor in which your property can be positioned on the market. We calculate the median from the real estate offers in Berlin over the last 12 months. However, the realisable selling price of an apartment is also influenced by various factors. In addition to the rental income, the microlocation of the apartment in the district and in the house, as well as the condition of the unit and the common property must be considered. We will be happy to provide you with a concrete estimate of the selling price of your Berlin property and advise you on how this value can be maximised. Non-binding, free of charge and sound.

How much experience do we have?

We have been appraising our clients' Berlin properties for over 14 years. The basis for this is a growing data pool that is second to none. Constantly updated, expanded and checked by our ongoing market analysis. Over the years, we have marketed around 1500 Berlin properties, from small city apartments to apartment blocks in Berlin. Our team deals in detail with the price development of Berlin real estate in all districts of the capital. In our district reports you will find lots of useful information on the microlocation, development and potential of your Berlin apartment. We believe that we are one of the most qualified and experienced teams for a reliable valuation of your real estate in Berlin. Give us a call.

What is important when selling real estate in Berlin?

The Berlin real estate market has been characterised by rising prices for years. However, the higher the prices, the more demanding the buyer's attitude becomes. The maximum result when selling your apartment in Berlin can therefore only be achieved with the appropriate message. That's why we not only communicate figures to our clients, but above all perspective, potential and strategies of and for Berlin real estate. We build a bridge from the property to the buyer. Our market report is read by several hundred visitors every week and now serves as one of the most important sources of information for the real estate market in Berlin.

How much does the assessment cost?

Our assessment is free of charge. We ask for your understanding that we reserve the right to refuse assessments if the assessment is intended only as a plausibility check. 

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