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Welcome to the team of success. When selling your property, you deserve nothing but the best. Our seasoned real estate agents offer a comprehensive, start-to-finish service, designed specifically to help international sellers effortlessly navigate through Berlin's real estate market. Trust us to handle everything, delivering a smooth and stress-free property sale with optimum results.

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I'm Phil Gries, your trusted guide to swift, secure, and profitable property sales in Berlin. As the Head of Sales, my commitment is to provide you with a personalized and dedicated service, ensuring a straightforward and rewarding property selling experience. Trust in my expertise for the best results.

Phil Gries, Head of Sales

Your Bridge to Global Buyers in the Berlin Real Estate Market

As many explore the Berlin real estate market daily through online search, our website consistently ranks among the top 10. This prominence serves as your gateway to the international buyer's market. If you're looking to sell your property in Berlin, trust in our expertise to connect you with the perfect buyer.

Your Berlin Property Sale: Where Every Euro Counts

Selling your Berlin property is a one-off opportunity and it's crucial to maximize your returns. With us, you're not risking uncertainty, but securing the highest possible price for your property. As an international seller, count on our expertise for a profitable sale.

High Visibility Equals High Value for Your Berlin Property

Our consistent top ranking on Google means your property gets prime exposure too. We are your passport to the international real estate market, ensuring your Berlin property catches the eye of the right buyers globally.

Timing is Everything - Let Us Find Your Perfect Selling Moment

Wondering when to sell your Berlin property? We've got the insights. Allow us to craft the ideal strategy that ensures your sale hits the market at just the right time.

Quality Over Quantity: Uncompromised Service for Your Property Sale in Berlin

We prioritize excellence. Our team consists of skilled real estate professionals providing impeccable service, tailored advice, and absolute transparency. Trust us for a quality-focused approach to your Berlin property sale.

Stay Informed with Our Top-Tier Berlin Property Market Report

Our market report is a trusted resource for thousands of readers each week, standing as a leading source of knowledge on the Berlin property scene. Rely on us for the most accurate and insightful information.

Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips: Monitor Your Berlin Property Sale

Track the popularity of your property, verify demand, and ensure your selling strategy is on point. We equip you with crucial data, accessible online 24-7, empowering you to make informed decisions throughout your sale.

Your real estate agent in Berlin

Experience & Recognition: Your Key to Optimal Property Sales with Guthmann Estate

With over 2,500 successful apartment placements since 2006, we've proven our expertise in Berlin's real estate market. Internationally recognized as industry leaders, our market reports are your gateway to a worldwide audience of buyers. Don't settle for less - ensure the best possible results with Guthmann Estate.


M.A. Peter Guthmann and Dipl.-Ing. Almut Guthmann

FAQ about property sales in Berlin

Maximize Your Sales with Accurate Pricing: Guthmann Estate's Unique Approach Explained

Why should you trust Guthmann Estate's property pricing? Because we use an extensive database, unparalleled among Berlin real estate agencies, to price your property. Our data, collected since 2006, ensures accurate estimates based on both market supply and actual sales prices, giving you the confidence to negotiate effectively.

What makes us different from other agencies? While others may start with inflated quotes and reduce prices over time, we begin with a high yet attractive price, drawing more potential buyers and creating a competitive situation that often drives the price up.

What happens when the price stops rising? When the price reaches its peak, you can be certain you've achieved the highest possible value for your property.

Boost Your Sales with Thorough Documentation: Here's How

What's the secret to a successful property sale? Comprehensive documentation. Imagine buying your own property - you wouldn't settle for insufficient details and lackluster agents, right?

Wondering what if you don't have all the documents for selling your property? Don't worry. Our team is here to gather all necessary paperwork and liaise with property management and legal professionals, as needed.

How can we guarantee confidentiality? We adhere to strict privacy standards, only sharing documents when a client's interest is confirmed.

Not sure which documents are needed when selling a property in Berlin? We're here to guide you.

From Pricing to Sale: Guthmann Estate's Comprehensive Approach

Curious about our sales process? We do more than just evaluate and document your Berlin property – we sell it!

How do we ensure a successful sale? Since 2006, we've marketed approx. 2.500 apartments in Berlin. We combine this extensive experience with cutting-edge marketing techniques. Our digital marketing strategy draws hundreds of visitors to our website daily, and among them, potential buyers for your property.

What's our first step in finding a buyer? We initially search our database of nearly 10.000 qualified leads for suitable prospects and reach out to them. Often, we find a match right there. Simultaneously, we advertise your property on major real estate platforms.

What makes Guthmann Estate stand out on Google? We have the highest organic visibility among all Berlin real estate agents, appearing under numerous Berlin-related real estate search terms. Whether it's 'Berlin real estate prices,' 'buy property in Berlin,' 'Berlin real estate market,' or any other of the 12,000 keywords, we get noticed – and so does your property!

Effortless Contract Handling and After-Sales Support: Guthmann Estate's Full-Spectrum Service

Selling your property in Berlin but unsure about the intricacies of sales contracts? Leave it to us. We ensure a seamless transaction, providing security, advice, and liaising with the notary and buyer. We also handle the smooth transition of property management and more.

Even after achieving a successful, stress-free sale of your property, our service continues. From handing over to the buyer to dealing with energy suppliers or property management, we handle all after-sales tasks for your convenience.

How does our online property report work?

The property report is a distinctive service from Guthmann Estate and underlines our claim to make our work transparent for you. At the same time, the property report is a practical and valuable tool for you to track all relevant information regarding the sale of your property at any time. All you need is online access. Try it out right away.

What can we do for you as a Berlin real estate agent?

You have maintained your property for years. You have paid back your loan, costs for ongoing maintenance, administration, constantly upgrading energy standards, substantial improvements and renovations: All this was linked to the use of your money, time and work. The desire to sell your property in Berlin at the highest possible price is therefore not only justified, but self-evident. And selling is the last chance to optimise profits, but it is important to avoid experimenting with pricing. If you underestimate the value, you may lose money. If you offer your property too expensively, price reductions are the result. Often you sell below value in the end. It is therefore crucial to know the real achievable value. Probably nobody can help you better to achieve the maximum profit than we can. In our market report you can get a first impression of the performance of the last few years for your district. For a personal and non-binding consultation we are at your disposal at any time.

Is Now the Right Time to Sell Your Property in Berlin? Let's Evaluate.

Given the current property climate, you may wonder if now is the right moment to sell your Berlin property or if waiting could yield better returns. Berlin remains a global magnet, with population growth projected until 2030. However, almost half of new residential construction is now aimed at owner-occupation, and experts, including us, anticipate a softening in property prices.

This is influenced by factors like stringent housing market regulation, increasing milieu protection areas that limit owner freedoms, new energy standards for housing, and rising competition from new residential construction. In short, it could be an opportune time to sell your Berlin apartment. We offer personalized, no-obligation advice to help you navigate these decisions.

Selling Real Estate in Berlin: Timing, Message, and Market Insight Matter

The Berlin property market, traditionally characterized by rising prices, is seeing a shift. Factors such as high interest rates, global instability from events like the Ukraine war, and inflation are contributing to falling property prices. More than ever, it's crucial to understand these changes and how they impact selling strategies.

When selling your Berlin property in the current market, conveying the right message to prospective buyers is vital. We deliver more than just data – we provide valuable insights, potential, and strategic advice tailored for Berlin's real estate landscape. Our market report, a trusted source of real estate information read by hundreds each week, builds a critical bridge between your property and potential buyers. Selling now? We're here to help you navigate this evolving market.

I always want to know what's going on. Can you do that?

Of course, as owner and seller you want to know at any time what the sale of your apartment in Berlin does. How well do the properties work? Is the demand on the right track or is it time for a change of strategy? In order to make decisions, you need precise information. We provide you with the most important data in an object report online: enquiries, visits, communications or correspondence. Standardised processes and a documentation service ensure the smooth and professional flow of information to banks, lawyers and notaries. The client is supported in the due diligence process and is enabled to make a quick decision on the purchase.

How much experience does GUTHMANN have and how much real estate have we marketed?

Benefit from our experience in marketing over 2.500 properties in Berlin. Sellers and buyers of Berlin real estate know us since 2006 as the better real estate agents in Berlin. Serious, fair, transparent and very successful! Our view of the real estate market in Berlin is holistic and detailed, stretching down to the neighbourhood level. Have a look at our market report.

Customer satisfaction does not come by itself. We have to earn it.

Since 2006 much more than just brokers. Data-driven, informative, consultative, transparent and successful. On behalf of our customers.

Market insights and excellent results

Thompson, London, UK

Seamless Process, Exceptional Service!

Thompson, London, UK

I was particularly impressed by the ongoing communication and support.

Ms. Stein, Tel Aviv, Israel

A Personal Touch That Matters

Mr. O'Donnell, Manchester, UK

Beyond Expectations: A Heritage Home's Journey with Personal Touch

Ms. N. Clark, San Francisco, USA

Integrity and Expertise Combined

A. Harper, New York, USA

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