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We ensure the best advice for foreign owners all around Berlin real estate. We explain the general situation in Berlin and jointly develop with you a concept for the development or sale of your property.

  • Regulation
    We show room for manoeuvre
  • Development
    Value-enhancing measures
  • Appraisals
    Resilient basis for your decisions

The real estate market in Berlin is caught between boom and regulation. The political headwind is getting stronger. We bring your Berlin property into safe waters and, if you sell it, achieve probably the best results in the market.

Peter Guthmann, Director

We are your guide through the Berlin real estate market

Professional, substantiated and with a firm hand. We protect your interests.

What's on in Berlin?

There is a lack of many flats in Berlin. That's good for performance, but bad for people. The Senate is interfering in property rights more than ever. But in the labyrinth of laws and regulations, there are always paths that lead safely to the goal.

Clear perspectives

We show all options and give accurate estimates for a property sale. We analyse and present conclusively and precisely. We find solutions in contradictory scenarios.

16 years of experience

You benefit from our expertise, reliability and reputation. Since 2006, we have been working together successfully with owners of all scales on the Berlin real estate market. Our buyer network is one of the best in the city.

Understand the Berlin Property Market

We secure the entire potential of your Berlin Properties

Our customers mostly come on recommendation. Why? Because we build trust and simply deliver the best results you can wish for. We're not a 100-man operation. We draw our success from passion, know-how and experience. We are one of the strongest teams in Berlin. We have been on the market since 2006 and have successfully advised and served hundreds of customers. When can we count on you?


Why would you want to come to us?

Since 2006 we have been defining a different broker term. We are consultants, analysts, architects, communication professionals and top sellers all in one. Our team elaborates figures meticulously, fills in gaps and is optimally networked. We prepare all information in German and English. We proceed with the utmost discretion. We maintain a professional relationship with tenants. Our experience in communicating with the authorities simplifies many things. Our response times are extremely short and we take less commission than large companies, with a huge staffing volume. This means more money from the sale for you in the end.

Boom, soaring prices, regulation. Asking about the right timing

Investors are still focused on investments in Berlin. At the same time, a paradigm shift is emerging. A possible imminent turnaround in interest rates, advancing market regulation, discussions about the exclusion of foreign buyer groups from the local market and, last but not least, tightening yields. So is now the time for a sale? Our analyses, information and strategies are the best basis for setting your course. Arrange an appointment with us.

Do not settle for less. The sale is the last bet!

Owners have invested in the property over long periods of time. Costs for ongoing maintenance, amortisation and interest for loans, administration, new energy standards, substantial improvements and renovations. All this is connected with the use of money, time and work. Sales offer the last opportunity to optimize earnings. It is your right as an owner to exploit the value as a seller. With us at your side, you will achieve the best possible results.

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