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Information + transparency = buyers 

Interest rates, inflation and recession fears are unsettling the market.

  • Should I buy a property or not?
  • Will prices continue to rise, or not?
  • Is it worth buying, or not?

Most estate agents are not in a position to respond positively to these very basic questions and doubts, because for decades they have only sold, but never communicated. 

Not so with us. For many years, hundreds of clients and leads have visited our reports on the Berlin real estate market every day. Many of these visitors are first looking for information and then for a property. This is particularly interesting for subdividers and closed-end real estate funds because we address exactly your target group. We can place your flats at the right moment and in the right context.

  • Experience from divisions with over 800 units
    We know every nuance in the entire subdivision process
  • Competence in architecture, business administration and real estate
    One of the most qualified teams in Berlin at your service
  • Many visitors, day after day 
    We have the most frequently visited estate agent website in Berlin 

We saw back in 2006 that knowledge and transparency are the best sales arguments. That's why we already went digital when other real estate agents didn't know what it was. Today, our freely available, data-driven online reports are the most widely read source on the Berlin real estate market. Anyone who is concerned with real estate will find your properties through Guthmann Estate.

Dipl.-Ing. Almut Guthmann, Managing Director

Modern services that work

Visibility, digitalisation, lead generation, marketing.


The search is the moment between inspiration and action. We offer the searchers data, background knowledge and insights and lead them to your specific products. This allows you to reach your target group naturally, not through ineffective campaigns.


Perfect SEO and unique content have ensured that we are at the top of Google with no lock-in effect and can generate organic leads for your project. In combination with landing pages, social media and various distribution channels, we build trust and ensure visibility for your project - nationally and internationally!


The unique combination of Big Data and Small Data with all relevant location information creates maximum transparency for buyers. Our analyses and insights enable the appropriate targeting and marketing strategies. 


Interest rates, inflation and recession fear? This makes it all the more important to highlight the individual advantages and potentials of your project and to integrate them as an individual story in holistic guidance and sales processes in order to convince potential customers of your project. 


For best results, in addition to lead acquisition, you need an accomplished sales team. We identify potential problems early on, find solutions and prepare your project perfectly for sales. Prospective buyers receive "all-in-one" advice throughout the decision-making, financing and purchasing process. 


We stand for transparency in the Berlin real estate market - we prove this every day with our unique market reports. We give you access to your own property reporting with live statistics so that you can follow the sales activities for your project as transparently as digitally.

We operate outside the comfort zone

Rising interest rates, high inflation and recession: the real estate market is facing new challenges after more than 10 years of upward trend. In this situation, people need to understand how significant owning a property is. However, the persuasive power no longer lies in floor-to-ceiling windows or open kitchens, but in well-prepared information, transparency and valuable services. 

For many years, Guthmann Estate has been operating outside the comfort zone where properties do not sell themselves. 

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How to sell real estate in the future?

How can real estate be successfully brokered outside a comfort zone in the future when standards that were thought to be safe no longer work? Brokers and sales organisations reach their limits when old habits or supposedly proven methods suddenly no longer work. Moreover, most digitalisation approaches for virtualisation or tools for improving the broker-customer relationship start even before the first touchpoint with the lead and evaporate. Simple advertising messages are also no longer effective. 

Our customer journey sets the touchpoints to the customer completely differently. We pick up the customer where he has real contact points with your product. About our reports.

What are the advantages of our data-driven approach?

The unique mix of Big Data and Small Data with all relevant information about the Berlin real estate market provides you with maximum transparency and minimises potential risks. Our analyses and insights enable you and us to address specific target groups and determine the ideal marketing strategies even before your project is launched on the market. 

  • Market reports updated weekly
  • Analyses / Assessments
  • Conceptual design
  • Target groups
  • Building description
Individual Storytelling

Rising interest rates, high inflation and fear of recession: After more than 10 years of a steady upward trend, Berlin's real estate market is for the first time confronted with growing purchase price sensitivity, a decline in demand and longer sales times. It is therefore all the more important to highlight the individual advantages, potentials and possible concepts of your project and to integrate these as an individual story in holistic consulting as well as sales processes in order to convince customers of your project. 

  • Preparation
  • Concepts
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Emotions
Why is our visibility good for you?

Through perfect SEO and unique content, our marketing team has ensured over the last few years that we are always at the top of Google without the lock-in effect of campaign pressure and can thus generate sustainable and organic leads for your project or product. In combination with our own landing page, dynamic social media strategies and a variety of different distribution channels, we build trust and ensure lasting visibility for your project or divider - nationally as well as internationally!

  • Approx 900 visits per day
  • Approx. 5,000 active leads, rolling
  • International audience
  • High number of new customers
  • Short dwell time
  • 10,000 NL subscriptions

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