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TOP performance for Berlin property marketing

The appeal of real estate in Berlin as an investment continues is unbroken. But: The higher the prices rise, the more important it is to act in line with your target group. With custom-fit profiling, you can configure your products to suit your target group and align your marketing.

On the consumer side, we generate qualified leads for your properties through a data-driven and transparent approach. In other words, we transform the visitors of our market reports into buyers for your products. Day after day, this generates around 800 to 1,500 leads, many of which could be suitable for your product.

  • More leads for your sales
    We transform curiosity into business
  • Target group conform configuration
    Best match between product and buyer
  • Find, fall in love, buy
    It's all about customer experience
  • Data & sales experience
    Unbeatable quality

We generate leads with the most basic human characteristic: with curiosity. Over 1,000 potentially interested leads visit our online market reports for the Berlin real estate market every day. Almost a third of the visitors come from abroad and are interested in buying a property in Berlin. Why not yours?

Peter Guthmann. Managing Director

We make sure your properties are found, loved and bought.

Curiosity is a value. We know why.


We pick up where buyers start their search: With natural, organic visibility on google. Your buyers find us and thus your properties.


We produce understandable market reports, detailed, easy to read and always focused.


A buyer does not simply buy a property. He invests in the potential of the location and the development. With our reports, we provide the groundwork for his decision.


With our digital property management, we secure the property values of your buyers. Satisfied buyers invest again and again.


We inform our buyers - on request - annually about the development of their investment. You participate directly from our transparency, through follow-up transactions.


Dashboards give you 24-7 access to all data and analysis. Assessments are updated weekly, sales and marketing dashboards make our performance transparent.

A digital image of Berlin

Data supports every real estate transaction. And regardless of whether this data confirms or disproves assumptions, its benefits are great. Our database with central information is constantly being expanded. We keep data on purchase prices, rents, migrations, housing stock, building permits, schools and kindergartens, climate, population, households and much more. We draw a digital picture of Berlin.

More contacts. More leads. More clients.

Digital transformation must be understood, experienced and actively practiced. A project website not only needs to have a good design, it also needs to work. Whether AdWords, Facebook or LinkedIn, we use performance marketing to reach the target groups relevant to your project and transform leads into prospects and then into buyers. By means of highly professional search engine optimization your product will be found. We activate social channels with relevant content.


What is the benefit of our data?

Project developers benefit from our data-driven services throughout the entire development and marketing process, whether location, market or target group analyses, product configuration or marketing concept.

For investors, local data is fundamental for assessing security and potential.

For urban sociology, our data is used to identify changes in the population.

There are almost infinite applications for our data.

You take care of your business. So do we.

We work as if we belonged to your team. We want to reduce your workload and not make any. We know the processes at project companies and property developers, because we have planned, tendered, built, marketed and sold by ourselves. Your construction site is ours. Our buyer is yours.

How does data support targeting

Knowing the target group for a real estate project precisely and aligning all features, from the property furnishings to the wording, is one of the keys to success.

Data contributes to optimising sales processes and shortens the marketing period of projects.

In addition, supraregional and international buyer groups are becoming increasingly relevant for the success of projects. But where are these buyers and how do you bring them closer to your product?

With data we

  • identify buyers and communities
  • localise target markets
  • promote your product in a targeted way
  • take cultural backgrounds into account
  • develop the best match wording
How do we generate leads with data?

Unlike our competition, we do not generate and qualify leads via classic SEA or display campaigns. Even though outbound marketing is very useful in direct real estate marketing, we do not qualify our leads at the first touchpoint, but by creating long-term relationships. Specifically, our market reports, newsletter and real estate blog enjoy a national and international top reputation. With SEO, marketing automation, marketing analytics, email and lead nurturing and - above all - sophisticated content creation, we create a holistic, sustainable system for marketing your products.

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