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Europe's major property destinations. Part 2: Paris

Paris, the capital of France, is the heart of French culture and world famous for great art and stunning architecture. The beauty of the city has made Paris one of the greatest tourist attractions on the globe. 

Europe's major property destinations. Part 1: Rome

The philosopher Kierkegaard once said "Comparison is the end of happiness and the beginning of discontent." Nevertheless, we do it and today we begin a small series of metropolitan comparisons. 

Property Purchase Contract in Germany. Part IV: Speculation Period

When selling real estate, you should always consider the tax implications. We summarize the most important points for you here. Detailed advice should only be provided by a tax advisor.

by Peter Guthmann

Property Purchase Contract in Germany. Part III: The Pre-Emption Right

What is the district right of first refusal all about? The Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig put an end to Berlin's preemption practice with its verdict of 09.11.2021. The supposed wonder weapon has become a toothless tiger. 

by Peter Guthmann

Regulatory radar Berlin

Regulation has been accompanying the growth of Berlin's real estate market for decades. Even as inflation and interest rate rises and war and corona dominate public discourse, expert committees and working groups continue to focus their efforts on regulating the real estate market. We keep you up to date on activities, whispers and media-present, possible or planned measures, with our regulatory radar.

by Peter Guthmann

Berlin: Knowledge metropolis

Universities, business and science locations, technology start-ups, and an increasing number of international high-tech corporations are finding their way to Berlin. The German capital is becoming a pan-European knowledge metropolis and a driver of socio-economic progress. Innovation made in Berlin could become an export hit. This is demonstrated by the latest settlements and tech hubs.