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1st half of 2019: Rental increase in Berlin slows down

Rent increases in Berlin are becoming flatter. At the turn of the first half of 2019, the growth rates in 14 out of 22 districts were lower than in the previous month. The year-on-year increase in portfolio rents was only around 2.2 percent. New construction lettings increase by approx. 4.4 percent. Read more here.

by Peter Guthmann

Berlin: International Super-Hot-Spot

By 2018, the population of Berlin had grown by 34,449. We show everything: where is Berlin growing, how are the nationalities spread in Berlin, from which countries do the people come? 

by Peter Guthmann

"Mietendeckel". Rent caps in Berlin: Senate decides on the most radical way.

The rents in Berlin may not be increased for five years with immediate effect. The paper adopted on 18.06.2019 is to become a law of the federal state. We have outlined the essential points for you.

by Peter Guthmann

Berlin rent index 2019. Are not all landlords exploiters?

Rent mirror 2019: The real estate market in the German capital is working. Three quarters of the housing stock under 7 Eur/m². Housing remains affordable and the situation difficult. 

by Peter Guthmann

Which nationality moves where in Berlin?

Is it true that Asians prefer eastern districts? Where do Americans prefer to go? What about other countries and nationalities? Answers here!

by Peter Guthmann

Interesting facts about Berlin

The much more than doubling of real estate prices in Berlin within 10 years comes more from a tectonic shift on the Berlin real estate market than from a price explosion. Immigration and catching-up effects are the two main players in this process. The estimation is between 135,000 and 200.000 apartments will be needed by 2030.

by Peter Guthmann

Berlin: Housing policy has failed

Preservation statutes and bans on splitting are supposedly the sharpest instrument of state legislators in the fight against rising rents and prices.

by Peter Guthmann

Berlin insights. Communities in the German Capital

As a home for people from over 200 countries, Berlin can call itself a cosmopolitan city. Are there community clusters in the German Capital?

by Peter Guthmann

Guthmann Estate: Study about mobility in Berlin

In our study, we are looking into mobility processes in Berlin. With a new approach we are expanding the concept of displacement.

Who is moving from where to where?

Over 313,000 people have changed in space last year. Our interactive map shows how mobility is expressed in Berlin.

by Peter Guthmann

Challenges of Berlin’s real estate market

Berlin is again undergoing a transformation. The first time that the city reached the mark of 100.000 residents was in the 18th century.

by Peter Guthmann

Quo vadis pretium

Where is the journey going? Real estate prices in Berlin are rising and rising. Is an end in sight?

by Peter Guthmann