One of four in Berlin wants a relocation.

Berlin real estate boom is fueled by Berliners

by Peter Guthmann Published on:

The real estate market in Berlin remains in motion. Contrary to the commonly held opinion the demand for Berlin real estate is not only fueled by professional businesses. We have noticed a sharp increase in terms of relocation activities among the Berlin households. Our observation has currently been confirmed by a survey made by market the research firm TNS and ordered by the Wüstenrot & Württemberg insurance. According to the survey after every fourth Berlin citizen is planning a change of location. The level of rents in the capital was also questioned. More than a third of the households in Berlin said that they will not be able to manage with another rent increase. In Berlin, 38 percent of the household income is spend on rents and operational costs, representing about 4 percent more than the national average.Long term strategy: out of the tenancy. Where people think about a move, the acquisition of a home comes into play automatically. Many Berliners therefore carry themselves with the idea of buying a property occupied with tenants. This "detour" via a rented flat with long-term planning of self-occupation is accepted as an option. Only two years ago this was not conceivable for most of our clients. The advantage is clear: Without waiting for further price increases, the property can be purchased now. The rental income flows into the financing. Guthmann Estate is your Berlin Realtor. Ask us for more information!