Berlin Real Estate: Construction boom in the capital continues.

Statisticians see space for further revenue growth in real estate market in Berlin. Industry already occupies more than 13,000 workers. Order books are full.

by Peter Guthmann Published on:

The building boom in Berlin continues. In April 2016, the turnover increased in residential construction by 62.5 percent compared to April 2015 as announced by the Office of Berlin-Brandenburg Statistics in June. The turnover in housing still grew significantly faster than the overall construction market, which also grew by 43.1 percent to 232.6 million euros compared to the previous month. Incoming orders increased in April 2016 by 120.9 percent to 277.5 million euros compared March. The construction boom also has an impact on the labor market: The number of employees in the Berlin construction output rose by 6.0 percent to 12,318 employed persons compared to the previous month.