Art scene booms in the Geman Capital

The German Capital has undergone an evolution from underdog culture to Europe´s most demanded art hot spot.

by Peter Guthmann Published on:

For a long time Berlin was a melting pot of art and culture for underdogs.  Finally the heat spilled over on the established art business.Top gallery owners, art collectors and high-profile media professionals consider Berlin no longer to be just a location among many. For artists, media people and spindoctors there is only one trendsetting location in Europe. For them Berlin is clearly one of the coolest cities in the world. International celebrities such as the art collector and media worker Christian Boros, act as catalyst and boost the art scene in Berlin. He recognized very early the potential of the german Capital. First Boros rebuild a previous bunker in Berlin Mitte and transformed it into a gallery for his impressive art collection. A short time later he bought and transformed the former pumping station in Kreuzberg. Today the location in Kreuzberg is a highly demanded area for art galleries and media professionals. Looking for your art space? Give us a call.