Berlin is tripling funding for social housing until the year 2017.

3,000 new apartments per year planned.

by Peter Guthmann Published on:

Additionally to the already planned 64 million euros there will be inserted another 192 million Euro in social housing. With this amount 3,000 new social housing units can be build annually informed Berlin´s Senator for City Cevelopment and housing, Geisel.

At the same time Geisel announced that the approval process will be speeded-up considerably.  Therefor the city intends to eliminate some obstacles which usually lead to delays in the implementation of new dwellings. The new regulations relate to the cemetery law, the Monument Protection Act, the State Forest Law, the Tree Protection Ordinance and the Building Act in general.  An according bill has been submitted to the Senate this week and will now be discussed. The housing Acceleration Act is part of a comprehensive housing policy strategy of the Senate.

At federal level Minister Barbara Hendricks had announced further this week to double the funding for new social housing.