Correction in Berlin´s real estate policy: Secretary Ephraim Gothe fired by Berlin Senate.

Secretary of State in the Senate Department for Urban Development, Ephraim Gothe, had to resign.

by Peter Guthmann Published on:

The Senate of Berlin agreed to Urban Development Senator Michael Müller´s wish to dismiss Gothe from his current position. Gothe, who was born in 1964, will remain until April in office and will then be put into temporary retirement. For Urban Development Senator Michael Müller the change at the head of his resort is a symbolic act. The act is intended to show a new direction in Berlin's building policy. If Gothe will be transferred to another position, is not clear so far. The social democrat was responsible for the building and housing resort and formed together with Christian Gaebler (transport and environment) and the Senate Building Director Regula Lüscher the top administration. Successor of Gothenburg is Engelbert Daldrup who worked in the Development Administration of the city until 2005 and then at first moved to the Federal Ministry of Transport and then as a city planner to Leipzig. Background for this change is probably the pressure on Urban Development Senator Michael Mueller. The extraordinarily pressing issue of increasing the number of new residential constructions in the capital was not handled effectively until now. Müller wants a faster, more effective and more successful team to push through his ideas.. The Senator has repeatedly announced offensives in this sector. Despite having been promised already in 2012, neither the criteria for housing promotion, nor a template for urban development contracts with investors have been reworked. The city is still selling state-owned land to the highest bidder and not, as early announced early 2012, to politically desired investors, meaning to those investors with a long-term strategy instead of short term high profit margins.