Guthmann & Guthmann Immobilien GmbH has joined Berlin Partner

We are pleased to announce that Guthmann & Guthmann Immobilien GmbH has become a member of Berlin’s most important network “Berlin Partner“. Berlin Partner is a unique, public-private partnership between more than 200 companies from the economics and technology sector and the Senate of Berlin. Berlin Partner is a commitment to the German capital.

by Peter Guthmann Published on:

The city of Berlin is constantly evolving, and the housing and real estate market is in constant motion. In this environment, Berlin needs active, strong and sustainably acting partners.

As an internationally renowned real estate agency with best reputation, we want to actively contribute to Berlin’s development, characterize the city and make our knowledge available.

The common goal of all Berlin Partners is to show the strengths, potential and opportunities in the capital and to communicate nationally and internationally what Berlin is: a unique, dynamic and creative place to live and to invest in.

Managing Director Peter Guthmann: „Guthmann & Guthmann Immobilien regards itself as a sustainable lobbyist for the city, for its residents and for companies and people considering investing in Berlin. We show that the real estate industry in Berlin is able to work in a responsible and successful way. We are pleased to support our partners from politics and business in moving Berlin."

About Guthmann & Guthmann Immobilien: Besides its core activities as Berlin real estate agents with top reputation, the company consults customers at home and abroad with a team of seven employees. The real estate agency is known for in-depth market reports and market entry strategies for the German capital.