Tempelhof referendum: Voters reject development.

Approximately 65 % of percent of Berlin voters rejected in referendum the development plans as favoured by the Senate of Berlin.

by Peter Guthmann Published on:

4,700 apartments, commercial spaces, and a large new public library were planned to be built in the next years.

The citizens' initiative "100 percent Tempelhofer Feld" collected upfront more than 187,000 signatures and launched a referendum against the development.

Tempelhof Airfield will now remain what it is: A huge park in the middle of the city. The public debate about the future of Tempelhofer Flugfeld (Tempelhof Airfield) was fought since the airport was put out of service in 2008.

The public park with an area of approximately 386 hectares bordering the districts Neukölln, Kreuzberg and Tempelhof is an open space that is used for concerts, leisure zone and recreation.

The huge airport building serves as venue for fairs like the fashion fair BREAD & BUTTER. A third of the 200,000 square meters usable area in the airport building is rented out. Tenants as the State Police and the Berlin's Traffic Control Centre cover, together with the approximately 70 events per year taking place in the event areas in the hangars, are covering a part of the operational costs.