Future-proof, valuable and chic Very smart investment. Berlin-Wedding: Osloer Straße partition project

Very smart investment. Berlin-Wedding: Osloer Straße partition project
Project with 17 Units
from 168.900,00 EUR
Area: 34,14 - 126,00 m²
Rooms: 1,0 - 5,0
Units: 8


Berlin-Wedding with a chic twist! One building, four floors, lots of potential. A whopping 250 per cent growth in value - you've got to find a match for that. Berlin-Wedding is not only trendy, but also one of the best investment spots in the German capital. Guthmann Estate is offering the second highly interesting investment property here within a short time. Osloer Straße 114, built in 1910. The residential complex with front building and side wing and five storeys is not only stylish, but also a technically highly solid basis for your investment in one of a total of 36 flats that we offer. But attention: don't take too much time, because reservations are coming in fast. Why invest in Wedding? Price development in Wedding has been late in catching up, but then it has been record-breaking. In 10 years, the median asking price for flats, as of November 2022 has increased by almost 260%. The strategic and central location, dozens of industries, the smooth transition to Berlin-Mitte and the high internationality will flank your investment over the next decades. Let us advise you.


Floor Rooms Area Status Price Availability Expose
Ground floor 2,0 56,75 m² vacant - sold 7296
Ground floor 2,0 67,00 m² vacant 397.900,00 EUR reserved 7287
Ground floor 1,0 34,14 m² rented 168.900,00 EUR available 7286
Ground floor 5,0 126,00 m² rented 539.900,00 EUR available 7272
1 2,0 58,42 m² rented 257.900,00 EUR available 7298
1 2,0 67,00 m² rented 229.900,00 EUR available 7289
1 2,0 50,85 m² rented 189.900,00 EUR reserved 7288
1 2,0 79,00 m² rented 259.900,00 EUR available 7276
2 2,0 50,00 m² rented 189.900,00 EUR available 7290
2 2,0 79,00 m² rented 259.900,00 EUR available 7279
3 2,0 57,00 m² vacant 399.900,00 EUR reserved 7302
3 2,0 62,00 m² rented 215.900,00 EUR reserved 7281
3 2,0 64,78 m² rented - sold 7280
4 2,0 60,00 m² vacant 317.900,00 EUR reserved 7304
4 2,0 70,00 m² rented 273.900,00 EUR available 7295
4 2,0 52,80 m² rented 214.900,00 EUR reserved 7294
4 2,0 59,98 m² rented - sold 7284


Osloer Straße 114 is easily accessible from the underground station Osloer Straße and the S-Bahn station Bornholmer Straße, formerly an important checkpoint between East and West Berlin. Berlin Wedding is booming and the pace is increasing. No wonder the neighbourhoods in Wedding are highly popular with students, artists and young professionals. In Wedding, the signs point to growth, speed, and development.

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