Exit sale! Veitstrasse in Tegel Solid and super well-kept Tegel apartments

Solid and super well-kept Tegel apartments
Project with 18 Units
from 118.659,00 EUR
Area: 54,71 - 84,06 m²
Rooms: 1,5 - 3,0
Units: 0


We exclusively offer this exceptionally solid investment in a prime location in Tegel vis-à-vis Hallen am Borsigturm. In Veitstraße 33, this very appealing residential quarter was built in 1998, a modern and discreet ensemble in solid construction. It is a block building complex with 9 front house buildings and 4 adjacent side wings. Each front house as well as the side wings are accessed via separate entrances. Inside, the front house units are constructed as a classical apartment building with three flats on each storey. After formerly being part of a State-funded housing program (in German "2. Förderweg"), this very solid ensemble has been successively converted into home ownership. The apartments offered here as single units or also designed as individual investment package, form in economic terms one of three sub-owner communities in one main owner community (main owner community, in German abbreviated Haupt-WEG = 3 sub-owner communities, in German abbreviated Unter-WEG). They are provided from the resolution of a fund. In total, we exclusively offer 18 apartments. The residential quarter was formerly part of a State-funded housing program, but there does not exist any later binding period. The whole real estate is in an excellent technical condition. The ensemble is very attractive and well-maintained. Each floor of the five-storey new building comprises three flats with approx. 84m², 55m² and 83m². All units have balconies. The elevator stops at every floor. The apartments located in the ground floor have terraces. The building is supplied with heating and hot water coming from the district heating system. The community shares bicycle rooms as well as a spacious and well-maintained outdoor playground. The surrounding environment is characterized by beautiful old buildings. Overall, it represents a very good and demanded bourgeois location. The very popular shopping center in the neighboring Hallen am Borsigturm is the best form of security for an ideal lettability and increase in value. The risk of vacancy is very low in this location. Usually, re-letting is done seamlessly. For the apartments offered, the relevant legal regulations in Berlin regarding the first sale after partition apply. These properties are ideally suited for old-age provision or complementary measure. Location, tenant structure and technical condition are excellent.


Zwei Wohnungsgrößen: 55m² und 84m²

Baujahr 1998


Hervorragender technischer Zustand

Sehr gepflegte Anlage

Solide Mieterstruktur

Geringstes Leerstandsrisiko und gute Wiedervermietbarkeit


Großer, gepflegter und begrünter Innenbereich mit Spielplatz


Floor Rooms Area Status Price Availability Expose
Ground floor 3,0 83,60 m² rented - sold 3709
Ground floor 1,5 55,19 m² rented - sold 3708
Ground floor 2,0 64,24 m² rented - sold 3707
1 3,0 83,60 m² rented - sold 3712
1 1,5 54,78 m² rented - sold 3711
1 3,0 84,06 m² rented - sold 3710
2 3,0 83,60 m² rented - sold 3715
2 1,5 54,78 m² rented - sold 3714
2 3,0 84,06 m² rented - sold 3713
3 3,0 83,60 m² rented - sold 3718
3 1,5 54,78 m² rented - sold 3717
3 3,0 84,06 m² rented - sold 3716
4 3,0 83,60 m² rented - sold 3721
4 1,5 54,78 m² rented - sold 3720
4 3,0 84,06 m² rented - sold 3719
5 3,0 83,16 m² rented - sold 3724
5 1,5 54,71 m² rented - sold 3723
5 3,0 83,62 m² rented - sold 3722


Veitstrasse is a very well-maintained residential complex situated in the heart of Berlin-Tegel, in the middle of a highly demanded bourgeois environment. Besides excellent recreational opportunities, there exist optimal traffic connections. The surrounding area is close to nature, urban and quiet. It represents one of the most popular locations of the capital. This real estate that we offer by an exclusive order for sale is located in Veitstraße 33. It is only a few meters away from Hallen am Borsigturm where a modern and well-attended shopping center has been opened in Borsigwerke, a former factory for railway trains, in 1999. Traffic connection: - Underground (U-Bahn) line U6 (stations Borsigwerke and Alt-Tegel) - Rapid railway (S-Bahn) line S25 (station Tegel) - Diverse bus lines The quarter Tegel belongs to the district Reinickendorf-Tegel. The lake Tegeler See, Greenwichpromenade and the castle Schloss Tegel with its beautiful castle garden are some of the top destinations in the north of Berlin. Nearby, you can start many sightseeing cruises at the bridge Tegeler Hafenbrücke. During the International Building Exhibition from 1984 and 1987, modern and popular housing construction projects were developed along the former industrial port Tegel.

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