International Building Exhibition Berlin Tegel Harbour

Tegel Harbour
Project with 17 Units
from 135.877,00 EUR
Area: 57,82 - 89,69 m²
Rooms: 2,0 - 4,0
Units: 0


This is currently one of the most interesting investment opportunities in Berlin. We are offering several modern, demanded and well-kept rented apartments in an exposed and attractive location. The Tegeler Hafen is a reference property, beyond the borders of Berlin. The condominium was developed in the years between 1984 and 1987. The residential area with city villas and a residential park was designed in the style of postmodernism. The 350 residential units in a picturesque and central location are highly demanded on the market. The design was influenced by well-known architects and won the 1st prize in the international competition from the IBA (international building exhibition). Cautious modernizations preserved the character of the whole system, making the ensemble even more attractive. The apartments with sunny balconies and tenant´s gardens on the ground floor area have a practicable and bright cut. The architects created an area with many green spaces and a perfect arrangement of buildings and environment. The Tegeler Hafen reflects the urban Berlin, leaving the daily stress outside. Open living concept: The idea to offer plenty of room, even on small surfaces, was realized in form of individual floor plans with a lot of nice details.


Status Expose-No. Floor Rooms Area Price
sold 3209 Ground floor 2,0 64,79 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3208 Ground floor 3,5 83,46 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3204 Ground floor 2,0 64,73 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3202 Ground floor 4,0 89,69 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3217 2 2,0 66,82 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3216 2 2,0 65,89 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3218 3 2,0 59,70 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3215 3 2,0 58,11 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3214 3 2,0 58,11 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3213 3 2,0 59,70 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3212 3 2,0 58,11 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3211 3 2,0 59,70 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3210 3 2,0 59,06 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3207 3 2,0 57,82 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3206 3 3,0 81,34 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3205 3 3,0 81,34 m² - EXPOSE
sold 3203 3 3,0 78,56 m² - EXPOSE


The condominium Tegeler Hafen is located in the district of Reinickendorf. The estate is characterized by an open and leafy area. The Tegeler Hafen provides an excellent infrastructure and is comparable with a small district. Schools, kindergartens and medical care are in the direct environment. The public transport situation is perfect. The condominium is connected to *the undergound U6, station Alt-Tegel *the city train (S-Bahn) S25, station Tegel *the bus lines 124,125,133,222,807,N22,N25,N33 and N6 *and the city highway A 111

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