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Interest rate turnaround, inflation, regulation. After 15 years of rising prices, has the time come to sell your rental house in Berlin?  One thing is clear: the signs are pointing to change. If you want to talk to the benchmark experts for apartment houses in Berlin, contact us. We will bring your commitment to final success. Guaranteed.    

  • How do we work?
    Focused and precise
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    By best preparation and elaboration of the potential.
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    Through years of experience without any nervousness.
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    Excellence and trustworthy cooperation.

You'll find storytellers in other places. Since 2006, we have been committed to professionalism, reliability and the best results!

Dipl.-Ing. Almut Guthmann, Managing Director

Our services in detail - tailor-made for you.

Für den Verkauf eines Zinshauses gibt es viele denkbare Szenarien. Wir zeigen Ihnen, welche Option für Ihren Verkauf die beste ist. 

Safety first

What would you expect if you wanted to buy an apartment building in Berlin today? Above all, probably safety for your investment. Our best practice is of utmost relevance for buyers and sellers.

Best Buyers

Our clients are national and international private investors, commercial buyers and foundations. We maintain direct contact with all our clients. Verified creditworthiness is a matter of course.

We get it all out

We research in archives, check development options and fill gaps in the "CV" of your apartment block. Our trends in the area. Our data driven approach enables us to draw a realistic picture of the future in your location.

Maximum discretion

You can be sure to sell your property with the greatest possible discretion and at excellent conditions. In the first step, we activate our qualified internal clientele.

Tenant Management

The less the change for tenants, the better. A clear organisation and a discreet and speedy sale help to avoid uncertainties. If desired, we offer informational visits.  

Is now the time?

Maintenance, redemption, interest, administration, energy standards, modernisation. The list of your commitments is long. With us you fully exploit the value of your property when selling it. 

The ideal moment to sell

Investors are still very interested in apartment buildings in Berlin. However, the intervention of the Senate and the districts in the market is triggering a paradigm shift and is putting prices under pressure. Pre-emption rights in milieu protection areas, conversion ordinance (Umwandlungsverordnung), avoidance agreements (Abwendungsvereinbarung). Has the time come for an exit? With our analyses, information and strategies, we create a basis for setting your course. Arrange an appointment with us.

Do not settle for less

You have invested in your property over long periods of time. Costs for ongoing maintenance, amortisation and interest for loans, administration, new energy standards, substantial improvements and renovations. All this was connected with the use of your money, time and work. Sales is the last opportunity to have your commitment rewarded by the market. It is your right as owner to exploit the value of your property. 

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to sell my tenement?

The sale of an apartment building must be well planned, organised and carried out. The final sale is preceded by a location and market analysis as well as a detailed price estimate. We try to arrange the sale of your apartment house as quickly as possible, taking into account the pricing, legal framework and structures on the seller side. Official deadlines cannot be influenced or can only be influenced to a limited extent. We will be happy to draw up an organisation chart for the course of your sale.

I don't own the apartment building in Berlin all by myself. What to do?

In principle, when selling a property to which several persons have rights, all parties involved must agree. Therefore, when selling a tenement, there should first be agreement on the sale within the community of owners. Very often, a consensus can only be reached if all owners are aware of the value at which the Berlin apartment building can be sold. In these cases we will provide you with a detailed sales price estimate and will be happy to advise all parties involved.

Milieu protection. Is that a problem?

Neighbourhood by neighbourhood milieu protection is introduced in Berlin. The aim of the Senate and the districts is to prevent the conversion of rental apartments into condominiums and to regulate the free market and trade in real estate. The tools of the state legislator range from a ban on misappropriation (even in the case of vacancies) to milieu protection and a rent brake. We will inform you in a personal consultation which range of options you have.

What about my tenants?

First of all, purchase does not violate rent. So your tenants are protected. Nevertheless, residents often feel that they are facing changes because the house is being sold. We support you in communicating with the tenants, if you wish. However, practical experience shows that discretion and speedy processing are the best protective measures for all parties. When many real estate agents walk up and down in front of your house or possibly ring the doorbell of tenants without being asked, this creates unrest. 

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