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Welcome to the winning team. When it comes to selling your property, you deserve the best results. Our experienced real estate agents provide a comprehensive from start to finish service, designed to help international sellers navigate the Berlin real estate market with ease, maximizing your chances of achieving top sales results. Trust us to handle everything from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and stress-free sale of your property.

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Phil Gries, Head of Sales

Better in every respect: knowledge, sales results and handling

Every day, many people google information on the real estate market in Berlin or are looking for the right Berlin property. And we almost always appear in the top 10. This makes our website your bridge to the international search market. If you want to sell your property in Berlin, we will find the right buyer for you.

It's about your money

You can only sell your property in Berlin once. That's why it's absolutely clear that every euro counts. With us, you don't risk any experiments, but sell your flat for the highest price.

Top ranking on Google

We are almost always among google top rankings. And if we are found, your property will be found too. We are your ticket to the international real estate market.

The best moment to sell

Which is the perfect moment for selling your property in Berlin? We can tell you. Let us find the best strategy for your sale.

Class not mass

We focus on quality. Our employees are highly trained real estate experts. We offer uncompromising service, individual advice and absolute transparency.

The very best market report

Our market report is read by thousands of visitors every week and is considered one of the best sources of information on the property market in Berlin.

Watch us selling

How well is your flat received? Is the demand right? Does the strategy fit? For your decisions, we provide you with the most important data 24-7 online.

Your real estate agent in Berlin

Competent, experienced, successful.

Our way of working is shaped by the experience of more than 2,500 apartment placements since 2006. In addition to this wide range of experience, we are internationally recognized as the leading experts in our segment. Our market reports are not only the world's most widely read online reports on the Berlin real estate market, but also the bridge for your property to the local, national and international buyer market. Don't settle for less than the best possible results. Guthmann Estate. 

Your M.A. Peter Guthmann and Dipl.-Ing. Almut Guthmann

FAQ about property sales in Berlin

The probably most important question: What is your Berlin property worth?

You may already have gained an initial insight into our working methods if you have visited our market reports or used our free and anonymous tool for a first, rough assessment of the value of your property.

Correct and reliable pricing is a key element for a successful sale. For this reason alone, Guthmann Estate does not rely on bought-in pricing systems that are linked to estate agents' websites via interfaces, as the competition does, but on what is probably the largest data base of all Berlin estate agents. We have been gathering relevant market data for all Berlin districts since 2006 and our price estimates are considered the most reliable and accurate on the market. We not only rely on the supply data on the market, but also have reliable information on the actual purchase prices achieved. The advantage for you is that you can determine together with us how much scope for negotiation we can give the client and still be sure of achieving the highest possible price.

Our pricing strategy has yet another advantage. Many agents quote unrealistic prices to sellers and plan to lower the price during the course of the marketig until a buyer is found. We start with a high, but still attractive price. This way we attract more prospective buyers and more offers, creating a competitive situation. The effect: we negotiate the price up instead of down. If the price does not rise any further, you can be sure: you have achieved the highest possible price.

Driving up the price with a seamless documentation!

What is the next secret of a successful property sale besides a "to the point pricing? The seamless documentation! 

Imagine you were to buy your property again. Would you settle for a sketchy exposé and poorly trained estate agents? Probably not. After all, a lot of money is at stake. And with the sharp rise in property purchase prices, especially in Berlin, the demands on documentation have also increased. And: The better we know how to document the property, the better the sales phase and negotiations will be.

If you do not have all the documents relevant to the sale, our team will take care of obtaining them. We also take care of the necessary paperwork, contact your property management company and, if necessary, notaries. What do we need from you? Your trust and a power of attorney. We treat all information strictly confidential at all times. Interested parties will only receive documents if discussions have been held beforehand which prove the client's interest.

Ask us, which documents are required when selling a flat.

Pricing, documenting and... selling!

We give you a lot of insights here. Let's just get on with it. With the sale. After all, you don't just want to have your property in Berlin valued and documented, you want to sell it!

And here, too, you have found the most suitable estate agent in Berlin. Since 2006 we have sold a very large number of appartments, blocks of flats and residential packages in Berlin. In addition to our experience, you will also receive absolute state-of-the-art marketing from us. Our digital marketing has constantly evolved and leads around 1,000 visitors to our website every day. Not everyone is the perfect prospective buyer for your property. But there are certainly a lot of them.

First, we search in our buyer database of almost 30,000 qualified leads for suitable prospective buyers. We send an info-mail to these clients and very often, we already have a match here. In parallel, we advertise your property on the largest real estate marketplaces.

Guthmann Estate has the highest organic visibility on google of all estate agents in Berlin. The organic visibility is priceless for you. It means that we are found under many keywords related to the Berlin real estate market. Whether you enter real estate prices Berlin, buy property in Berlin, real estate market Berlin or another 12,000 keywords: We will be found. And so will your property in Berlin!

Contract handling and after sales

You want to sell your flat in Berlin, but who says you have to be an expert on sales contracts? Well, we know all about it. We make sure that the transaction is handled perfectly. We provide security, advise you on the process at all times, are your interface with the notary and the buyer, ensure a smooth transition of the property management, and much more.

And once you have sold your flat through us at a great selling price and without stress, we remain active thanks to our after-sales support. Whether it's handing over to the buyer, communicating with energy suppliers or property management, we take care of everything for you.

How does our online property report work?

The property report is a distinctive service from Guthmann Estate and underlines our claim to make our work transparent for you. At the same time, the property report is a practical and valuable tool for you to track all relevant information regarding the sale of your property at any time. All you need is online access. Try it out right away.

What can we do for you as a Berlin real estate agent?

You have maintained your property for years. You have paid back your loan, costs for ongoing maintenance, administration, constantly upgrading energy standards, substantial improvements and renovations: All this was linked to the use of your money, time and work. The desire to sell your property in Berlin at the highest possible price is therefore not only justified, but self-evident. And selling is the last chance to optimise profits, but it is important to avoid experimenting with pricing. If you underestimate the value, you may lose money. If you offer your property too expensively, price reductions are the result. Often you sell below value in the end. It is therefore crucial to know the real achievable value. Probably nobody can help you better to achieve the maximum profit than we can. In our market report you can get a first impression of the performance of the last few years for your district. For a personal and non-binding consultation we are at your disposal at any time.

When is the best time to sell?

The crucial question is: Is now the time to sell your Berlin property or is it worth waiting? Berlin continues to attract people from all over the world and forecasts predict population growth by 2030. But it is also a fact that almost half of the residential construction in Berlin is currently being built as owner-occupied property. Experts, including ourselves, expect prices to ease in the near future. On the one hand, the strong regulation of the housing market is having an impact. More and more milieu protection areas are already severely restricting owners' freedom of action. In addition, there are new energy requirements for the housing stock and increasing competition from new housing construction. In short: The time for the sale of your apartment in Berlin could be good. We will advise you personally and without any obligation. 

What is important when selling real estate in Berlin?

The Berlin property market has been characterised by rising prices for years. But the higher the prices, the more demanding the buyer's attitude. The maximum result when selling your apartment in Berlin can therefore only be achieved with the appropriate message. That's why we not only communicate figures to our clients, but above all perspectives, potential and strategies of and for Berlin real estate. We build a bridge from the property to the buyer. Our market report is read weekly by several hundred visitors and now serves as one of the most important sources of information for the real estate market in Berlin.

I always want to know what's going on. Can you do that?

Of course, as owner and seller you want to know at any time what the sale of your apartment in Berlin does. How well do the properties work? Is the demand on the right track or is it time for a change of strategy? In order to make decisions, you need precise information. We provide you with the most important data in an object report online: enquiries, visits, communications or correspondence. Standardised processes and a documentation service ensure the smooth and professional flow of information to banks, lawyers and notaries. The client is supported in the due diligence process and is enabled to make a quick decision on the purchase.

How much experience does GUTHMANN have and how much real estate have we marketed?

Benefit from our experience in marketing over 2.100 properties in Berlin. Sellers and buyers of Berlin real estate know us since 2006 as the better real estate agents in Berlin. Serious, fair, transparent and very successful! Our view of the real estate market in Berlin is holistic and detailed, stretching down to the neighbourhood level. Have a look at our market report.

Customer satisfaction does not come by itself. We have to earn it.

Since 2006 much more than just brokers. Data-driven, informative, consultative, transparent and successful. On behalf of our customers.

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Christian M., Stockholm

We are very gratefull to them and would definitely recommend them to anybody dealing with real estate in Berlin

GBR KlausenerPlatz Gherardo Barbini

It was a pleasure working with Phil.

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I recommend the company without reservation.

Thomas S., Berlin

Lovely experience with the Guthmann & Guthmann

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His service, English, knowledge and professionalism are all first class

Robert M. & Adriana P. M., USA

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