Transforming residential buildings into condo: Experience is more important than ever.  

Since 2006, we have accompanied dozens of apartment buildings in Berlin through the entire splitting process and sold the units at the best market possible conditions. We guarantee the most effective processing, the highest prices and the very best reputation. 

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Consult us. We have led dozens of projects to incredible results since 2006.

Milieu protection areas, conversion regulations and, most recently, the rent cap force owners of apartment buildings in Berlin into division and sale. Otherwise there is a risk of loss in value. For many years, we have been guiding our customers through the entire conversion process with the greatest possible competence. 

  • Experience from divisions with over 800 units
    We know every nuance in the entire subdivision process
  • Competence in architecture, business administration and real estate
    One of the most qualified teams in Berlin at your service
  • Fast, experienced, focused on results
    Network with top notaries with conversion skills
  • Highest selling prices
    We almost always achieve the highest prices on the market

For a long time, the division and conversion into condominiums was not the preferred exit strategy for owners of apartment buildings in Berlin. The continuing regulatory policy of the state policy and the districts is forcing owners literally back into this model. Various measures, most recently the rent cover, are pushing owners against the wall. React now. Consult us for a non-binding consultation. In us you will find calm and very experienced partners for the analysis of your individual situation.

Dipl.-Ing. Almut Guthmann, Managing Director

Our services - tailor-made for you.

We have the best practice you need to divide up a rental building and convert it into residential property.

The appropriate skills

Above all, a splitting requires a lot of experience. Difficulties often arise only after the conversion, especially when the declaration of division offers surfaces for conflict. 

Certificate of completion (Abgeschlossenheitsbescheinigung)

Nothing is more frustrating than time-consuming injunctions. We know the expectations of the land registries and accompany this phase to success.


Parallel to the conversion we prepare your apartment house for the later sale of the units. We fill in gaps in the CV of your apartment building, research in archives and examine how the sales price can be optimised. 


The tenants in any case enjoy the right of first refusal and are protected against own use notices. A division is therefore often also a unique opportunity for tenants to take the step into ownership. We often have dialogues with tenants, support them in financing and advise them on all aspects of acquisition.

Weighing up

In the forefront of the division, you would like to know how the global sale of your apartment building differs in price from a division with subsequent sale of the apartments. We provide precise analyses of both cases for you.

Best moment

You shouldn't put a division off on the long bank. The districts issue one milieu protection area after the other. Anyone who does not prioritise long-term perspectives should talk to us now.

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As an owner, you have invested in your apartment building over long periods of time. Costs of ongoing maintenance, amortisation and interest on loans, administration, new energy standards, improvements and renovations. All this was connected with the use of money, time and work. Sales offers the last opportunity to have your commitment rewarded by the market. As the owner, you have the right to exploit the value of your apartment building in Berlin. 


What about my tenants?

It's right and good to remember the tenants. Care for the tenants is, however, unfounded in the majority of cases. Tenants in Berlin enjoy privileges. They can exercise the right of first refusal at the first sale after the division and are protected against cancellation for a long period. Since rented existing flats are usually priced in at a lower price than new ones, the division provides tenants with a unique opportunity to find their way to ownership. On request, we provide comprehensive information to the tenants and support them in financing the pre-purchase.

How long does a split take?

A conversion to condominium ownership takes about one year. It can be faster, but it can also take more time. With our professional help you can shorten time periods and streamline processes or run them in parallel. We usually start with sales discussions during the partition process, either with the tenants or discreetly with our internal clientele.

I don't own the apartment building in Berlin alone. What to do?

In principle, all parties involved must agree to the sale or division of a property in which several persons have rights. There should therefore be agreement within the community of owners. Often we can reach agreement by calculating the pro rata value for all owners. 

Milieu protection. What do we do now?

A division is also possible in environmental protection if you are not a recent owner and have signed a declaration of averting. If your apartment building in Berlin is subject to a maintenance statute, the so-called transformation regulation applies. The official approval of the conversion into residential property will then be subject to certain conditions, which we will be happy to explain to you. You can find more information here.

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