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District radar Berlin

The ultimate Berlin overview: Net household income, asking prices, rents, new-build activity, quality of location, household size and migration. 

by Peter Guthmann

Building Land Mobilisation Act (Baulandmobilisierungsgesetz)

The Federal Assembly (Bundesrat) has passed the Building Land Mobilisation Act (Baulandmobilisierungsgesetz). Read here how the law will affect you and what will change, especially for owners of apartment buildings.

by Peter Guthmann

Rent Cap canceled by Federal Constitutional Court

The Federal Constitutional Court has declared the red-red-green state law null and void. This is the biggest conceivable defeat for the Berlin Senate. With announcement.

by Peter Guthmann

Quo Vadis, Property Market Berlin?

The Berlin real estate market is familiar with the word "crisis". Since 2007/2008, anyone who has overcome the speculation period and then sustained properties for a few more years in view of the positive developments has known that a crisis is also always an opportunity. Does that also apply to the time after Corona? An analysis.

by Peter Guthmann

Berlin properties and Corona

The corona crisis will lead to liquidity bottlenecks for tenants in Berlin. The Federal Government and the Berlin Senate are countering this with protective umbrellas and programs. Which tenants are particularly at risk? 

by Peter Guthmann

Recommendations for the rent cap

The law for rent limitation in the housing sector in Berlin - MietenWoG Bln - better known as "rent cap" came into force on 23.02.2020. Berlin landlords must react quickly. A roadmap.

by Peter Guthmann
Photo by Marcus Lenk on Unsplash

Rent cap introduced

On January 30, the "Law on the revision of legal regulations on rent caps", or "rent cap" for short, was approved by the Berlin House of Representatives. After publication in the official government gazette at the beginning of February, the law will come into force. The most important paragraphs, hidden pitfalls, risk of fines. A detailed discussion of the rent cap, here.

by Peter Guthmann