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Berlin: Knowledge metropolis

Universities, business and science locations, technology start-ups, and an increasing number of international high-tech corporations are finding their way to Berlin. The German capital is becoming a pan-European knowledge metropolis and a driver of socio-economic progress. Innovation made in Berlin could become an export hit. This is demonstrated by the latest settlements and tech hubs.

Return of the pre emption right?

A new and old coalition is emerging in Berlin's federal government that wants to reintroduce the right of first refusal, which was overturned in 2021. The SPD, Left Party and tenant representatives are pulling in the same direction.

by Peter Guthmann

Where are things in Berlin's real estate cycle?

In our market reports, we inform you in short intervals about developments on the Berlin real estate market. In this article, we would like to stretch the temporal horizon a bit further and question which phase the real estate cycle in Berlin currently enters, and which developments may be expected.

by Peter Guthmann

Property purchase contract in Germany. Complex. And safe!

Buying or selling real estate in Germany is a fairly complex process. A notary always plays a central role, because real estate transactions in Germany cannot be carried out bindingly with a handshake. Learn here what is essential in a real estate purchase contract. 

by Peter Guthmann
Start-up Berlin

Start up ❤️ Berlin

What is the nucleus of Berlin's appeal? There are many reasons not only to believe in Berlin, but to make an economic commitment here. One of the reasons is the love between start-ups and Berlin.

by Peter Guthmann

Berlin Real Estate Story. PART II: Surfing the wave

And suddenly Berlin real estate was at the top of the wish list of international buyers. Flat and house buyers from Europe and overseas came in several waves. 

by Peter Guthmann

District radar Berlin

The ultimate Berlin overview: Net household income, asking prices, rents, new-build activity, quality of location, household size and migration. 

by Peter Guthmann

Review 2021 and preview 2022

2020 and 2021 have been a real estate rollercoaster ride that has left some passengers feeling unwell. For the lefts, the New Year's wishes were different from what the courts decided. A review and outlook. 

by Peter Guthmann

Federal Administrative Court partially quashes pre-emption rights

Pre-emption rights were the sword of Damocles over every sale of apartment blocks in milieu protection areas. We analyse how many cases were examined, applied or averted. A first analysis of how things could go on.

by Peter Guthmann

Berlin Real Estate Story. PART I: From Wall City to World Metropolis: 50 Years of Change.

Discover how Berlin has become the hottest real estate market in Europe. 

by Peter Guthmann

Building Land Mobilisation Act (Baulandmobilisierungsgesetz)

The Federal Assembly (Bundesrat) has passed the Building Land Mobilisation Act (Baulandmobilisierungsgesetz). Read here how the law will affect you and what will change, especially for owners of apartment buildings.

by Peter Guthmann

Rent Cap canceled by Federal Constitutional Court

The Federal Constitutional Court has declared the red-red-green state law null and void. This is the biggest conceivable defeat for the Berlin Senate. With announcement.

by Peter Guthmann