The Berlin Market Report

No other online report analyses the Berlin real estate market in our depth of detail. Our data is updated every 14 days. We process price, rental, migration, population and housing data and visualize them state-of-the-art. We are able to show where people come from, where pressure is growing on the housing market and how prices and segments are developing. Read the most modern online report of the German capital.

Berlin Properties. Next Level.

We flank your real estate commitment with expert knowledge and the latest data. Where have prices performed best? How do the rents behave? Where is my community? We detect any location preference of international influxes, show purchase price and rental rankings, analyze segments and develop the best strategy for each client and each property. We are much more than just brokers. We are Berlin real estate.

The Berlin property market.
More placative and more accurate than ever before.

We present the Berlin housing and property market as you have never seen it before. In our bubble charts, we cluster all apartments in Berlin by year of construction and apartment size. We analyse the market for condominiums and rental apartments. The result is the most accurate picture of the market that ever existed. 

People are the essence of living.
We know where they come from.

No other online report covers the Berlin property market in our depth of detail. We are the first agency to show where people who demand living space in Berlin come from. We visualize where the pressure on the housing market emerges or decreases. We show migration chains, quantify flows and recognize tendencies. 

Evolution of the real estate market in Berlin.
Segment shifts and price developments.

We analyse over a long time series how the spectrum of real estate offers in Berlin is developing. We cluster the market into price segments. You can immediately see how supply and demand affect rents and purchase prices. You see, district by district, how local markets develop.