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Berlin Properties Steglitz 2024

Cozy and quiet? That's old news. Steglitz has swiftly left behind its sleepy suburb reputation. In Berlin's southwest, bustling city districts blend effortlessly with a traditional, bourgeois environment. Covering the full range of urban living experiences, Steglitz has become a top pick for home seekers. The current average price for an apartment is at 5,000 EUR/m².


Steglitz: Melting Pot of Tradition and Trend

Steglitz is situated in the southwest of Berlin, nestled between the densely populated inner-city districts of Wilmersdorf and Schöneberg, as well as the villa and single-family home neighborhoods of Lichterfelde and Dahlem. The area's traditionally middle-class image is increasingly giving way to a young, multicultural lifestyle. Its proximity to the major faculties of FU Berlin, the Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin, and Schloßstraße—one of Berlin's most lucrative shopping streets—puts Steglitz close to everything that matters. Along Schloßstraße, you'll find beautiful, small, and quiet streets. The average household net income in many parts of the district is above the Berlin average. With numerous small and medium-sized parks and green spaces, as well as highly regarded schools, Steglitz enjoys an excellent reputation.

Existing buildings

Median Asking price
4,870 EUR/m²
-0.70 %
Median Asking rent
13.80 EUR/m²
+8.20 %

New buildings

Median Asking price
7,560 EUR/m²
-7.60 %
Median Asking rent
23.90 EUR/m²
+18.50 %

Property prices in Berlin Steglitz

In Steglitz's real estate market, location has always been a key factor. Across all neighborhoods, the current interest rate environment is reflected in a year-over-year change of -0.70 %. In the core area of "Steglitz," the average prices per square meter stand at around 5,000 EUR/m², marking a development of 1.80 % over the past year. Over the last 12 months, we've identified 1,220 property listings. In the new construction segment, the average list price is 7,640 EUR/m². When looking at different neighborhoods, the asking prices for existing apartments in Lankwitz are around 4,510 EUR/m², and in Lichterfelde, they are approximately 4,800 EUR/m².

Price index Steglitz

Period Existing buildings Median Offer price Index (base 10 years = 100) New buildings Median Offer price Index (base 10 years = 100)
Current quarter 4,870 EUR/m² - 7,560 EUR/m² -
1 Year 4,910 EUR/m² -0.70 % 8,180 EUR/m² -7.60 %
3 Years 4,640 EUR/m² 5.00 % 6,460 EUR/m² 17.00 %
5 Years 3,890 EUR/m² 25.30 % 5,380 EUR/m² 40.40 %
10 Years 2,150 EUR/m² 126.80 % 3,590 EUR/m² 110.60 %

Development of property price segments in Berlin Steglitz

In Steglitz, the existing housing market is dominated by strong mid-range price segments. As with all central inner-city districts, the lower price segment has effectively disappeared. In the segment above 6,000 EUR/m², the supply is relatively limited.

Clustering Analysis: Real Estate Listings in Berlin Steglitz

In our bubble chart, we group Steglitz apartment listings by construction year and size. Offers in the post-war segment are almost equal in price to classical old buildings. This shows the quantitative significance of post-war inventory. The new construction segment starts at 7,500 EUR/m² and has seen a significant reduction in volume for 2023.

Family houses

Steglitz offers a wide range of family house typologies in the suburbs of Lankwitz and Lichterfelde. These include detached single-family houses, terraced houses, semi-detached houses and some town villas. The offer is traditionally largest in Lichterfelde. In the 12-month period approx. 330 houses were offered, at an average price of approx. 5,790 EUR/m². In Lankwitz the average offer price is about 5,280 EUR/m². Higher prices are achieved for city villas. 

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Unique local ambiance, excellent value for money, off the beaten path, and authentic—many areas in Steglitz tick all the boxes to be considered hidden gems with high growth potential. And indeed, it's becoming increasingly clear that this district will excel in the context of inner-city development. Those who are currently students will likely appreciate a traditional apartment later in life, complete with a "Dr." on the doorbell. At the same time, an investment property in Steglitz has been a guarantee for stable value growth since its founding years. Factors like above-average household incomes, highly desirable locations, and diverse building types make it accessible for nearly all budget classes.

The district's demographic shift is also intriguing; Steglitz has an older population, and generational changes come with trickle-down effects that can accelerate your investment. If immediate returns are not your primary focus, the capital appreciation from tenanted to vacant properties is substantial.

Excellent connectivity, proximity to the "Freie Universität" and Charité Campus Benjamin Franklin, along with the magnetic pull of one of the city's major retail streets, make success almost guaranteed. Demographic data indicates a high proportion of newcomers from the USA and traditional Western European countries. Inter-district migration patterns are generally balanced. We consider Steglitz an unreservedly strong buy recommendation.

Apartment buildings in Steglitz

As of now, there are no social preservation areas in Steglitz, but in January 2023, the district office did decide to introduce social preservation statutes for the residential areas of Feuerbachstraße, Gritznerstraße Nord, and Mittelstraße. Household surveys in the neighborhoods around Schloßstraße are also planned, as some members of the Borough Assembly wish to pave the way for a social preservation area there as well. The era of being one of the last districts without such areas may be coming to an end, although nothing has been officially published yet.

Over the years, the entry-level prices for multi-family rental properties have noticeably increased, while the upper price range, represented by beautiful old buildings, has slightly decreased. As of September 2023, very few residential and commercial buildings have been notarized. Multi-family homes are very interesting as long-term investments in almost all locations. Post-war properties offer a very attractive price-to-rent ratio. At the upper end of the price scale are the elegant period buildings located in areas adjacent to Schloß- and Hauptstraße.

The highest square meter price documented by the GAA was approximately 3,800 Euros for what is known as the "value-relevant floor area." The value of the living area is correspondingly higher.

As investment property brokers, we have facilitated various sales at excellent terms for our clients over the past years. Please contact us for an individual assessment of the market situation and the environmental conditions of your multi-family house in Steglitz.

Jahr   Steglitz Gesamt Berlin
2018 Anzahl 27 687
  Preisspanne EUR/m² 1.065 bis 3.687 301 bis 11.919
  Mittelwert EUR/m² 2.268 2.115
2019 Anzahl 16 571
  Preisspanne EUR/m² 1.164 bis 4.071 396 bis 11.340
  Mittelwert EUR/m² 2.473 2.294
2020 Anzahl 9 627
  Preisspanne EUR/m² 1.637 bis 3.183 431 bis 10.526
  Mittelwert EUR/m² 2.193 2.183
2021 Anzahl 17 660
  Preisspanne EUR/m² 1.489 bis 5.253 601 bis 16.262
  Mittelwert EUR/m² 2.650 2.522
2022 Anzahl 19 348
  Preisspanne EUR/m² 1.799 bis 3.821 824 bis 16.844
  Mittelwert EUR/m² 2.670 2.651
2023 Anzahl Coming soon Coming soon
  Preisspanne EUR/m² Coming soon Coming soon
  Mittelwert EUR/m² Coming soon Coming soon
Quelle: Gutachterausschuss Berlin, eigene Auswertung und Darstellung

Neighbourhoods in Berlin Steglitz

Medium to good residential areas prevail in Steglitz. Due to the mixed structure of buildings and neighbourhoods in the district, property prices are widely spread. Large flats in the neighbourhoods east and west of Schloßstraße achieve top prices. Flats from post-war housing are also usually very strong in value due to the quality of their location. 1930s flats and the neighbourhoods south of Steglitzer Damm and Albrechtstrasse are catching up in terms of price in 2021, although turnover of space is low here.

In Paulsenstrasse, families in townhouses or detached houses appreciate the traffic-calmed environment. The residential quarter in the east of Steglitz's city centre was developed at the end of the 19th century as a distinguished colony of villas and country houses. The structures of the present bear witness to the old grandeur and at the same time to the destruction of the Second World War. More than 80 percent of the houses in Südende fell victim to the bombs; the priorities in the reconstruction and redevelopment of the neighbourhoods were the rapid creation of living space and mostly not aesthetic considerations. Nevertheless, there are many well-preserved and elaborately renovated buildings in very beautiful locations. The quarters along Grunewaldstraße, Holsteinische Straße and Hubertusstraße are home to showcase buildings from the early Gründerzeit.

Rental market in Berlin Steglitz

In all districts of Steglitz together, in the past 12 months about 1,190 were offered for new letting. Currently there is a demand for 13.80 EUR/m². In the new building the offered rents are at approx. 23.90 EUR/m². This corresponds to a price development of 18.50 % compared to the previous year.

Rent index Steglitz

Period Existing buildings Median Offer price Index (base 10 years = 100) New buildings Median Offer price Index (base 10 years = 100)
Current quarter 13.80 EUR/m² - 23.90 EUR/m² -
1 Year 12.75 EUR/m² 8.20 % 20.20 EUR/m² 18.50 %
3 Years 10.50 EUR/m² 31.80 % 15.00 EUR/m² 59.30 %
5 Years 10.80 EUR/m² 28.00 % 14.85 EUR/m² 60.90 %

Bird's eye view: Asking rents in Berlin Steglitz

The bubble chart shows the supply situation of the past 12 months on the real estate market in Steglitz. The colors mark the year of construction classes, the size of the bubbles the quantity of offers, the location in the coordinate system price radius (square meters) and apartment sizes. In Steglitz we see very much post-war architecture, few old and new buildings.

Development of rental price segments in Berlin Steglitz

Overall, the rental offer in Steglitz can be termed stable. As in the market for condominiums, the medium rental price segments predominate the market.

Building activity in Steglitz

Steglitz has 27 statistical planning spaces LOR (Lebensweltlich orientierte Räume) and is divided into the suburbs Lankwitz, Lichterfeld and Steglitz. There are currently 107.000 apartments among the housing stock. With an average apartment size of 85.3 m², Steglitz is the leading district in Berlin. With a statistical household size of 1.77 persons per household, Steglitz is in the upper midfield. Mathematically, 1.94 persons live in one household in Steglitz.

There is comparatively a low construction activity in Steglitz. When and in which quarters (LOR) construction completions were reported, can be seen from the map. (Source: Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg)

Milieu protection

Currently, Steglitz doesn't have any designated social preservation areas. However, in January 2023, the local district office announced plans to implement such statutes for the Feuerbachstraße, Gritznerstraße Nord, and Mittelstraße residential zones. Additionally, household surveys are in the pipeline for areas surrounding Schloßstraße, as some members of the Borough Assembly are pushing to establish a social preservation zone there too. This could signal the end of Steglitz's status as one of the few remaining districts without these designated areas, although no official announcements have been made to date.

Milieu protection map Steglitz

Check in our milieu protection map Berlin whether your property is located in a protection area, an investigation area or a suspected area. Our milieu protection map is continuously revised and updated on basis of the resolutions of the district assemblies (BVV). Please also visit our milieu protection area for further information.

Population by nationality


Steglitz has grown. Below we show the top values of the inflows and outflows for Steglitz and for a selected hotspot. For your real estate engagement in Berlin, we are able to map the exact position of migration flows within the framework of our analyses.

  • All migrations
  • International
  • National
  • Suburban
  • Binnen
  • Hotspot

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Housing deficit (Treemap): The Statistics Office updates the household data based on the 2011 micro-census. Determination of household count and statistical household size via household generation procedures (KOSIS). We calculate the real household size / housing deficits via the ratio number of inhabitants to number of apartments.
Purchase prices and rents (charts and reports): Calculation of the median on the basis of raw data, own visualization.
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