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Berlin Real Estate Zehlendorf 2022

Zehlendorf is and remains a traditional among the noble locations in Berlin. Its residents value culture, nature, an urban environment, and a high quality of life. The mixture of sophisticated country houses by well-known architects, mansion quarters, apartment buildings of all eras and cooperative housing estates ensures that the district is not only considered a luxury location by locals. Zehlendorf is also Berlin's largest academic center with the headquarters of the Free University of Berlin in Dahlem.


Noble, noble.

Zehlendorf consists of the districts of Dahlem, Nikolassee/Schlachtensee, Wannsee and the name-giving district of Zehlendorf. The area is green, quiet and noble. About 50 percent of the district includes forest and water areas. Havel, Kleiner and Großer Wannsee, Schlachtensee and Krumme Lanke are popular destinations among numerous Berliners and tourists. Zehlendorf is known for its family atmosphere and high quality of life. Real estate in Zehlendorf is among the most desired, expensive and exclusive properties located further away from the center of Berlin. Europe's largest mansion district is located in the northwest of the district and extends from Grunewald to Potsdam-Babelsberg.

Existing buildings

Median Asking price
6,170 EUR/m²
+10.40 %
Median Asking rent
13.70 EUR/m²
-1.10 %

New buildings

Median Asking price
10,500 EUR/m²
+25.60 %
Median Asking rent
28.80 EUR/m²
+71.50 %

Neighbourhoods in Berlin Zehlendorf

The district has a classic character and combines culture, nature and urbanity. Some Wannsee properties from the imperial era are now in public use, including the Liebermann Villa. Zehlendorf is an attractive place to live for families, the school facilities are excellent. Today, households in Nikolassee and Schlachtensee are predominantly high-income. Wannsee is a western part of Zehlendorf surrounded by greenery and water. The recreational areas between Havel and Wannsee were an anchor for the Berlin upper middle classes during the imperial era. Also Nikolassee is characterised by magnificent old buildings, multi-family houses, single-family houses and villa quarters. Under the influence of the English garden city movement, one of the first settlements known as "Gartenstadt" was built in Zehlendorf-Mitte between 1913 and 1930. Classicist elements and buildings from the period of architectural expressionism dominate here. 

Property prices Zehlendorf

The housing supply in Zehlendorf is quantitatively dominated by the 1950-1978 construction class. The purchase price range starts at around 3,700 EUR/m² and is increased by a larger number of large properties in almost all construction year classes starting at 5,000 EUR/m² to an average offer price of currently approx. 6,170 EUR/m². In the last 12 months period about 770 existing properties where brought to market. The price development compared to the same period of the previous year is approx. 10.40 %.

In the new building segment the prices are clearly higher with a current average list price 10,500 EUR/m². In the district Dahlem the offer prices for existing real estate are currently highest with 7,830 EUR/m², followed by Nikolassee with 6,130 EUR/m². Wannsee and Zehlendorf are only marginally lower. 

Price index Zehlendorf

Period Existing buildings Median Offer price Index (base 10 years = 100) New buildings Median Offer price Index (base 10 years = 100)
Current quarter 6,170 EUR/m² - 10,500 EUR/m² -
1 Year 5,580 EUR/m² 10.40 % 8,360 EUR/m² 25.60 %
3 Years 5,070 EUR/m² 21.70 % 7,150 EUR/m² 46.90 %
5 Years 3,920 EUR/m² 57.20 % 6,210 EUR/m² 69.20 %
10 Years 2,780 EUR/m² 122.00 % 4,190 EUR/m² 150.50 %

Bird's eye view: Property Prices in Berlin Zehlendorf

The Bubble Chart shows the supply situation of the past 12 months on the real estate market in Zehlendorf. The colors mark the year of construction classes, the size of the bubbles the quantity of offers, the location in the coordinate system price radius (square meters) and apartment sizes.

Development of property price segments in Berlin Zehlendorf

The chart shows the changes in the price structure of the Zehlendorf district based on four price segments. How many apartments were offered in the different price segments? The line shows the development of the average offer price across all apartment types and price segments for existing apartments by calendar year. 

Family houses in Zehlendorf

The market for one- and two-family houses and villas is very agile. Approximately 320 houses where brought to market over a 12-month period. The average offer prices range with about 8,330 EUR/m² above the prices for apartments. The price development compared to the previous year is -5.50 %. The most valuable objects are offered with about 13,070 EUR/m² in Dahlem.

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Rental market in Berlin Zehlendorf

Among 680 rental offers in stock the average advertised new contract rent is currently about 13.70 EUR/m². In the comparable period of the previous year, the average value was about 13.90 EUR/m². This corresponds to an increase of -1.10 %

In the new building segment in the same period 30 apartments where brought to market, at an average rent of about 28.80 EUR/m². Thus the price correction to the previous year is 71.50 %.  

Rent index Zehlendorf

Period Existing buildings Median Offer price Index (base 10 years = 100) New buildings Median Offer price Index (base 10 years = 100)
Current quarter 13.70 EUR/m² - 28.80 EUR/m² -
1 Year 13.90 EUR/m² -1.10 % 16.80 EUR/m² 71.50 %
3 Years 11.55 EUR/m² 19.10 % 16.80 EUR/m² 71.30 %
5 Years 10.90 EUR/m² 25.80 % 14.20 EUR/m² 103.00 %

Bird's eye view: Asking rents in Berlin Zehlendorf

The Bubble Chart shows the supply situation of the past 12 months on the rental market in Zehlendorf. The colors mark the year of construction classes, the size of the bubbles the quantity of offers, the location in the coordinate system price radius (square meters) and apartment sizes.

Development of rental price segments in Berlin Zehlendorf

The chart shows the changes in the rent structure of the district. How many apartments were offered in the different price segments? The line shows the development of the average offer price per square metre across all apartment types and price segments for existing apartments.

Apartment buildings in Berlin Zehlendorf

In Zehlendorf, the districts of Wannsee and Nikolassee are dominated by apartment buildings and city villas, as well as family houses of other types. The Zehlendorf district and the neighbourhoods to the south of Dahlem are the main locations for very attractive, well-maintained apartment buildings with more than 8 units. The residential locations are good to very good. Of about 18,600 buildings, about 2,300 date from before 1920. Residential and commercial buildings with 8 or more units in Zehlendorf are less differentiated by building year. Only the immediate post-war buildings up to around 1980 are still being sold at prices per square metre below 3,000 euros/m². All other building year classes are priced higher. Transaction figures have declined in recent years, but remain at a higher level in view of the locally pronounced market for apartment buildings.

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The table shows the values for multi-family houses published by the German Real Estate Association (IVD) for Steglitz-Zehlendorf by location and year of construction.

"Baujahresklasse" = year of construction.
"Einfache bis mittlere Lage" = Simple to good area. 
"Gute bis sehr gute Lage" = Good to very good area.

Baujahresklasse Einfache bis mittlere Lage Gute bis sehr gute Lage
1900 - 1949 1.900 - 2.800 EUR/m² 2.500 - 3.500 EUR/m²
1950 - 1978 1.700 - 2.500 EUR/m² 2.200 - 3.000 EUR/m²
1979 - 2000 1.900 - 2.600 EUR/m² 2.400 - 3.200 EUR/m²
ab 2001 (ohne Erstbezug) 2.200 - 3.200 EUR/m² 2.800 - 4.000 EUR/m²
Quelle: IVD Immobilienpreisservice 2021/2022


Zehlendorf is not a classical investor market, except for multi-family houses. The old district in the southwest of Berlin is characterised by its high intrinsic value, understatement and status as the capital's academy hub. The quality of life in Zehlendorf is noticeably high. The housing stock is very well maintained across all year of construction classes. The same applies to roads and green spaces. The schools and kindergartens enjoy a good reputation. There is little sign of typical metropolitan distortions in very few quarters. The combination of university facilities in various disciplines, the proximity to the University Medicine Campus of the Benjamin Franklin Clinic and the good public transport connections make Zehlendorf a dream location for international students and scientific staff. The international influxes are led by the USA, especially in the student quarters. The local real estate market in Zehlendorf is characterised individually and at the same time in demand from international buyers. All in all, it is decoupled from the general developments of the overall market. The analysis of the neighbourhoods with regard to the calculated housing deficit and the consideration of the composition of the migrations indicate that opportunities and potentials can be expected in particular in the new construction submarket for the microapartment segment. 

Building activity in Zehlendorf

The district of Zehlendorf is located in the southwest of Berlin. It is rather sparsely populated with about 50 percent forest and water areas and a housing stock of about 51,000 units. The statistical household size is 1.90 persons. In terms of figures, the household size is 2.11 persons per household. With 14 statistical planning zones LOR (Lebensweltlich orientierte Räume) and an average apartment size of 85.3 m², the quarters in Zehlendorf are clearly at the top.

There has been a manageable amount of construction activity in Zehlendorf in recent years. When and in which quarters (LOR) construction completions were reported, can be seen from the map. (Source: Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg)

General background

The ownership rate in Steglitz-Zehlendorf as of 2017 is about 21.5 percent. The size of the household is lowest in Zehlendorf-Süd with an average of 1.74 persons and highest in the Thielallee quarter with 2.55 persons, whereby the population here just slightly exceeds the 5,350 mark. Many students live in this quarter, close to Freie Universität, which increases the pressure on the housing market. Zehlendorf Mitte is the largest quarter with just under 12,500 inhabitants. The calculated housing deficit for the entire Zehlendorf district is around 5,600 units. Currently there are no milieu protection areas in Zehlendorf. In the district assembly (BVV) of Steglitz-Zehlendorf the interests regarding the introduction of milieu protection areas are not uniform. The background is the financing of in-depth preliminary investigations for three areas on the basis of applications submitted by residents.

Population by nationality


International migrations and internal migration make up the majority of migrations. Zehlendorf is still international today due to its university location as well as its historical aspects. The American armed forces left the old district the student village Schlachtensee in Nikolassee and the Roosevelt Barracks. The study is carried out here for the student quarters of Dahlem, Krumme Lanke and Thielallee. 

  • All migrations
  • International
  • National
  • Suburban
  • Binnen
  • Hotspot

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Amt für Statistik Berlin-Brandenburg: Einwohnerregisterstatistik (Bewegungsdaten), Fortschreibung des Wohngebäude- und Wohnungsbestandes, Ergebnisse des Haushaltegenerierungsverfahren KOSIS-HHGen, Baufertigstellungen. IMV GmbH: Rohdaten Preise und Mieten. Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Wohnen: Umwandlungsdaten (2018), Geoportal Berlin (FIS-Broker). Immobilienverband Deutschland IVD (2018/2019): Immobilienpreisservice 2018/2019.


Housing deficit (Treemap): The Statistics Office updates the household data based on the 2011 micro-census. Determination of household count and statistical household size via household generation procedures (KOSIS). We calculate the real household size / housing deficits via the ratio number of inhabitants to number of apartments.
Purchase prices and rents (charts and reports): Calculation of the median on the basis of raw data, own visualization.
Migrations: Aggregation and visualization based on transaction data.


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