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Our mission is to provide Berlin homeowners with the most accurate, data-driven property valuations while respecting their privacy and ensuring a seamless, transparent experience. We are committed to helping you make informed decisions with confidence.

Peter Guthmann, CEO & Founder

Fast, Accurate, & Private Property Valuation

Discover the value of your Berlin apartment instantly. No personal data required.

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Maximize your Berlin property's potential with our comprehensive services.

Not just listing prices

Most agencies rely on click-through paths and purchased, often incomplete and inaccurate listing data. In contrast, GUTHMANN® boasts the largest transaction and price database in Berlin.

Rent data

Gain insights into current rental rates, future rental potential, and necessary lease investments for your property with GUTHMANN®'s detailed rent data analysis.

Inspection and documentation

Our on-site property evaluations meticulously assess both individual units and common areas, ensuring a thorough understanding of your property's condition.

Committed to you

Every property, regardless of size or location, receives personalized attention and care from GUTHMANN®. We value every client and their unique needs.

In a hurry?

Get an instant market report for a quick and accurate snapshot of your property's market value. GUTHMANN® delivers fast, reliable insights.

Identify strengths

Uncover your property's strengths, market trends, and strategic enhancements with GUTHMANN®. Maximize your property's value with our expert guidance.

What's My Berlin Apartment Worth?

Discover the true value of your apartment with our reliable expertise. We offer a free, quick, and anonymous initial assessment based on millions of listings and thousands of transaction data points. Next, we delve into the unique features and details of your property together. We reveal the location and value potential and create a successful marketing plan with your input. No other real estate company in Berlin has the extensive data and expertise of GUTHMANN®.

FAQ to our services

How can you benefit from our individual property valuations?

While most agencies use click-through paths and purchased, often inaccurate listing data, GUTHMANN® offers unmatched precision. We have the largest transaction and price database in Berlin, ensuring you get the most accurate property valuation and market insights. Trust the experts at GUTHMANN® for data-driven results you can count on.

Standard property valuation tools rely on limited data from large providers, often missing crucial details. At GUTHMANN®, we offer more than just data analysis. Our valuations combine offer prices, actual transaction prices, and deep local knowledge with insights from hundreds of property sales in Berlin. Our comprehensive online market reports, provided free of charge, demonstrate our expertise.

With us, you receive a personalized valuation and a tailored sales strategy, ensuring you achieve the best possible result when selling your property in Berlin. Trust GUTHMANN® for accurate, insightful property valuations.

How Accurate Are GUTHMANN® Berlin Property Valuations?

Our estimations provide a precise price proposal, helping you understand general price trends and determine your property's market price range. We calculate the median from Berlin real estate offers over the past 12 months. However, the achievable selling price of an apartment depends on factors such as rental income, specific location within the district and building, and the condition of both the unit and common areas.

We offer a concrete estimate of your Berlin property's selling price and advise you on how to maximize its value. This service is non-binding, free of charge, and highly reliable. Trust GUTHMANN® for accurate property valuations and expert advice.

Why Trust GUTHMANN® for Berlin Property Appraisals?

With over 18 years of experience appraising Berlin properties, supported by an unparalleled data pool, GUTHMANN® offers continuously updated and expanded market analysis. We have successfully marketed approximately 1,500 Berlin properties, from small city apartments to large apartment blocks.

Our team specializes in the price development of Berlin real estate across all districts. Our district reports provide valuable insights into the microlocation, development, and potential of your Berlin property. As one of the most qualified and experienced teams in the city, we deliver reliable property valuations you can trust. Contact us for more information.

What Is Important When Selling Real Estate in Berlin in 2024?

The Berlin real estate market has experienced rising prices for years. However, since 2022, prices have dropped in many districts and neighborhoods due to inflation and increased interest rates, leading to decreased buyer activity. This heightened competition means that achieving the best result when selling your apartment requires the right message.

At GUTHMANN®, we provide more than just figures. We offer perspective, potential, and strategic insights for Berlin real estate. We bridge the gap between property and buyer. Our market report, read by hundreds of visitors weekly, is a crucial resource for understanding the Berlin real estate market. Trust GUTHMANN® to help you navigate the market and maximize your property's value.

How much does the assessment cost?

Our assessment is free of charge. We ask for your understanding that we reserve the right to refuse assessments if the assessment is intended only as a plausibility check. 

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