Classical old building project near Viktoriapark Monumenta

Project with 25 Units
from 142.900,00 EUR
Area: 42,54 - 127,16 m²
Rooms: 0,0 - 4,0
Units: 0


1910 is the year of construction of this wonderful masterpiece from the golden age of Wilhelmine architecture. Not only the building has preserved the extravagant style of the imperial era. The direct surroundings, the neighbouring Viktoriapark and the adjoining quarters also reflect a consistent and aesthetically pleasing image. Reliefs, oriels, wooden double box windows many details express a clear language of form and time. The understatement of 1910 continues inside the building. Representative stairwells, round arches, filigree stuccowork and coffered ceilings. There would be too many details to list here. The classic residential house in Monumentenstrasse 19 consists of a front building, side wing and garden house, separated by courtyards with trees. In the 5-storey complex we offer apartments with 1 to 4 rooms and living spaces between 43 and 127 square meters. The apartments are very well equipped, with parquet and floorboards, shower or bathtub, some units also with both as well as an additional guest toilet. Various units are equipped with one or more balconies. The building is currently undergoing renovation and refurbishment work, during which additional balconies will be added. The ground floor apartments in the beautiful inner courtyards have small terraces. All in all, many elements of old buildings have survived the times, but no unit seems overloaded. Let this beautiful object unfold its effect on you during a visit with us.


Status Expose-No. Floor Rooms Area Price
reserved 6107 Ground floor 2,0 57,07 m² 239.900,00 EUR EXPOSE
sold 6106 Ground floor 2,0 55,09 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6105 Ground floor 2,0 50,35 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6097 Ground floor 2,0 52,54 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6096 Ground floor 1,0 42,54 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6087 Ground floor 0,0 81,00 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6086 Ground floor 0,0 85,00 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6110 1 2,0 53,66 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6109 1 2,0 57,79 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6108 1 2,0 60,57 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6099 1 2,0 57,81 m² - EXPOSE
reserved 6098 1 2,0 50,86 m² 159.900,00 EUR EXPOSE
sold 6089 1 3,0 89,93 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6088 1 4,0 126,04 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6101 2 2,0 59,46 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6100 2 2,0 50,86 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6091 2 3,0 92,56 m² - EXPOSE
reserved 6090 2 4,0 125,99 m² 939.900,00 EUR EXPOSE
sold 6102 3 2,0 59,41 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6093 3 3,0 94,00 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6092 3 4,0 127,16 m² - EXPOSE
reserved 6104 4 2,0 60,18 m² 276.400,00 EUR EXPOSE
sold 6103 4 2,0 52,27 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6095 4 3,0 92,20 m² - EXPOSE
sold 6094 4 4,0 124,51 m² - EXPOSE


It doesn't really go any nicer and hardly any better. Whether on a soda pop or a beer in the neighbouring beer garden Golgatha, whether on a walk or morning run in the Viktoriapark or a quick shopping in the Marheineke farmers market? In the Monumentenstrasse in Berlin Kreuzberg, you live vis-à-vis to one of the nicest parks in Berlin. The Monumentenstrasse is a traffic-reduced axis between the districts of Schöneberg and Kreuzberg. It starts at Langenscheidtstrasse in Schöneberg and ends at Katzbachstrasse at Viktoriapark. All locations along the Monumentenstrasse have always been very popular, but the micro location at Viktoriapark can hardly be surpassed. The quantum leap in quality of life came in the past few years; the large construction sites in the vicinity are ebbing away and the Monumentenstrasse is finding its way back into the true luxury that only an environment like this can offer. It is a mixture of urbanity, lots of greenery, excellent connections to the public transport network, cycle paths and a very beautiful development. Monumentenstrasse 19 offers a perfect living environment. Transport connection: What is the definition of good transport connectivity in 2019? All destinations in the vicinity of the residential environment must be easily accessible on foot or by bicycle, inner-city destinations by public transport, and the surrounding area or distant destinations by train or own vehicle. In the Monument Street all points are given. To Schöneberg and in the direction of Bergmann-Kiez there are safe bicycle routes, at the S- and U-Bahn station Yorckstrasse you have connection to the underground line 7 and various S-Bahn lines, up to Potsdam. If you need a car, you can reach the Sachsendamm junction on the A100 in less than 10 minutes.

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