Old building pearl in Berlin Wedding - invest now Osloer Investment

Osloer Investment
Project with 16 Units
from 159.900,00 EUR
Area: 0,00 - 163,28 m²
Rooms: 1,0 - 5,0
Units: 5


In a central Wedding location in a classic residential and commercial building, we offer you different apartments with sizes from 43 sqm to about 163 sqm. Altogether the old building consists of 26 apartments and 3 commercial units. Classical elements, such as the reworked double frame windows in the front building, original wooden doors and partially original wooden floorboards were preserved, so that fans of classical old buildings are exactly right with this investment. The front building apartments have bay windows or balconies. Technically and optically the house is in very good condition. The gas central heating and the pipes were renewed in 2009, the facade, balconies and windows were revised in 2018. The two front staircases have beautiful stucco elements. A possible roof extension and elevator extension has been prepared in the partition declaration.


Floor Rooms Area Status Price Availability Expose
Ground floor 3,0 0,00 m² rented 448.900,00 EUR reserved 6133
Ground floor 1,0 49,31 m² rented 179.600,00 EUR available 6131
1 5,0 138,33 m² untenanted 708.300,00 EUR reserved 6265
1 4,0 148,04 m² rented 369.800,00 EUR reserved 6153
1 3,0 101,80 m² rented 302.100,00 EUR available 6152
2 2,0 67,52 m² untenanted 380.700,00 EUR reserved 6267
2 4,0 148,37 m² rented 524.800,00 EUR reserved 6154
2 3,0 102,22 m² rented 360.600,00 EUR available 6126
3 2,0 60,23 m² untenanted 346.000,00 EUR reserved 6266
3 1,0 42,91 m² rented 159.900,00 EUR reserved 6132
3 2,0 58,71 m² rented 219.900,00 EUR available 6129
3 2,0 64,30 m² rented 247.900,00 EUR available 6127
4 1,0 52,26 m² rented 219.000,00 EUR reserved 6269
4 5,0 163,28 m² untenanted 860.900,00 EUR reserved 6268
4 2,0 55,46 m² rented 224.900,00 EUR reserved 6130
4 2,0 58,81 m² rented 229.900,00 EUR reserved 6128


Cultural diversity and a lively neighbourhood atmosphere characterise the Wedding district. Since the 1980s and increasingly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the large industrial areas have been developed into diverse, small-sized business locations with services, production, science and university uses. Directly in the quarter there is a diverse mix of small individual shops and smaller fashion studios in the side streets. The Gesundbrunnen-Center is only a stone's throw away and offers 100 shops in addition to the excellent local supply in Osloer Straße. The good infrastructure is also shown in the leisure and green areas: In the immediate vicinity there are fitness studios, an indoor swimming pool, museum for kids, a family library, the "Uferstudios" and the Alhambra cinema. Riverside and cycle paths along the small river Panke invite to take a walk or ride. The public park Volkspark Humboldthain is a nice spot to meet. The district is not only popular for students and young people. As location for science and for the future tech hub at Tegel Airport, which is still to be closed, the district has a lot of development potential.

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