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Berlin is one of the most lively and diverse capitals in Europe and home to people from over 200 countries. In the Global City Attractiveness Index, Berlin occupies a top position. Young people in particular find the city's heterogeneous neighbourhood structure appealing. Each neighbourhood is different and attracts its own community by origin. Check here to see where your communities are. In the Guthmann Estate Community Finder.



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In 10 years, the average property price in Berlin has risen from 1,600 EUR/m² to over 5,000 EUR/m². We tell you how much your property in Berlin is currently worth. 

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Our approach is customer-oriented through and through. Since 2006, we have been filling the concept of the real estate agent with our mission: transparency, reliability, integrity and always the best possible results. 

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Don't settle for less: Best service, comprehensive support, best possible results when selling all kind of real estate in Berlin. Checked properties, secured transactions and top after-sales support for the acquisition of rented and vacant Berlin properties.

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We constantly offer new, attractive and thoroughly checked properties in Berlin. We broker flats and apartment buildings for private clients and market the most attractive projects. We broker all types of homes.

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Come to Europes leading location for real estate investments. From triple A top locations to economically super sexy B locations. From Berlin's most data driven real estate agents.

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We have been working as real estate agents in Berlin since 2006. We enjoy an impeccable reputation and are in demand internationally. Our reports are traded in business circles and politics as a benchmark for Berlin. Our data will also guide you towards the best possible sales of your property in Berlin.

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Reports, articles, analyses. Our blog deals with relevant news and topics around Berlin real estate. Thoroughly researched and sharply presented. 

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Anerkannt und vernetzt

Since our company was founded in 2006, we have been one of the most recognised real estate agents in Berlin. Our employees undergo stringent training to become Berlins' best real estate agents. Our commitment is guided by the strong desire to show the utmost respect for our clients' values. 

Since our company was founded in 2006, we have been a member of the German Real Estate Association, IVD. Training and further education are very important to us.

We are a company that takes on trainees and have brought young real estate agents with solid knowledge and ethical understanding into the Berlin real estate market.

We are involved in the association for the promotion of home ownership. We support home ownership as an important pillar of society.

We are rated by our customers in the major listings and search engines only with excellent references and as one of Berlins' best real estate agents. We also look forward to your evaluation.